Comfy Clothing Helps Relieve My Acid Reflux Symptoms - Here's What I'm Shopping

Every time I put on my tightest jeans or most form-fitting dress, my body loves to hit me with a spell of acid reflux. It's almost like a running joke - my body waits for me to take a swig of red wine and boom, I instantly regret passing up on sweats.

In those moments, my instincts to run home and change are on point. Dr. Kristen Lee, MD, a gastroenterologist associated with Manhattan Gastroenterology, confirms that wearing loose-fitting clothes can help relieve acid reflux symptoms due to decreased pressure on your stomach.

That's why comfort is now top of mind when shopping for new clothing - and I'm following through on that promise by filling my closet with airy outfits perfect for dressier occasions, casual hangouts, and afternoons in.

Here's a peek into my virtual shopping carts for anyone who needs help diffusing that fiery, agitative pain.

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via POPSUGAR Fitness


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