Conquer Hundreds, Side Planks, and More Barre Moves in This 15-Minute At-Home Workout

I have several friends who swear by the strengthening and sculpting powers of barre classes, and through the years, they'd tell me time and time again how much I'd love it - if I would just give it a chance!

Finally, I signed myself up for a barre class - and about a minute into the lightweight arm circuit, already feeling that burning fatigue, I knew they were on to something. Now, I'm dedicated to improving my skills and working barre into my at-home workout routine. Thanks to this 15-minute Pure Barre workout, I can do just that - no ballet barre required.

After you've properly warmed up, just grab a chair and some light dumbbells (or soup cans!) and complete this circuit, which targets all the major muscle groups, created by Katelyn DiGiorgio, VP of Training and Technique at Pure Barre.

While the rest is indicated in each move, be sure to listen to your body and take breaks as needed. When you're finished with your workout, don't forget to spend a few minutes cooling down!

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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