Halle Berry Targeted Her Arms and Legs With This 3-Move Wrist Weight Workout

It's no secret that we're big Halle Berry fans over here. Whenever the famously fit star shares a new workout, we stop whatever we're doing to see what she's up to. Berry's most recent routine, shared by her trainer Peter Lee Thomas on his Instagram, uses wrist weights to bump up the intensity in a three-move ladder-style workout that's a lot tougher than it looks. Know that all of these moves can also be done without the wrist weights - they'll just add more of a challenge!

We've laid out Berry's full workout below. Keep reading to watch her and Thomas perform the moves and to get step-by-step instructions for each exercise!

Halle Berry's 3-Move Wrist Weights Workout

Directions: Perform 20 reps of each move, moving from shoulder circle to bent-over row to touchdown plyo squat. At the end of the circuit, take a short break. Then repeat the circuit for 18 reps of each exercise. Take a break, then continue repeating the circuit, dropping two reps each time, until you've completed the final round of two reps per exercise. For an added challenge, once you get down to two reps of each move, start over by working your way "back up the ladder," increasing to four, six, eight, etc., until you get back up to 20.


  • Shoulder circle
  • Bent-over reverse fly
  • Touchdown squat jump

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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