Naomi Osaka's At-Home Exercises Will Work Your Lower Body, Back, and Core

Naomi Osaka is a two-time US Open champion and three-time Grand Slam singles title winner - so you already know that her training is intense. She told POPSUGAR via email, "During tournaments and in season, I work out but not as hard as I do during training blocks because I need to make sure that my muscles are strong on match days. Then, when I am in the off-season, I take that time to go harder and build my endurance."

Osaka noted that she likes to rest when she's home - "for some people, working out is a release from the stressors of work, but for an athlete it is part of the job, so personally I prefer to separate training and life at home," - but due to COVID-19, she had to get creative with how she worked out. Normally, Osaka would go practice on the court and hit the gym for a few hours; her at-home routine is different.

Osaka takes on a three-mile run and a series of strength and coordination exercises. She will even add a one-minute meditation before having a BodyArmor Lyte-filled post-workout smoothie, an essential step in her recovery (I made my own version at home, and it's supertasty and packed with electrolytes!).

Ahead, check out a few moves Osaka does at home to build strength (we've included a go-to stretch as well). Fun fact: she likes working her legs the most because that's what tennis players need, she said, adding, "I know that my leg work will translate to success on the court."

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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