This Trainer's Abs and Arms Pumpkin Pull-Up Challenge Is Scary-Good - Are You Up For It?

We're never one to turn down a Halloween-themed workout, especially one that involves pumpkins in some way, shape, or form. But even we've never heard of this next fitness challenge before: pumpkin pull-ups.

We know, we know - pull-ups are hard enough as it is without throwing a giant gourd into the mix. But if you're Angela Gargano, the AFAA-certified personal trainer and three-time athlete on American Ninja Warrior who bills herself as the "Pull-Up Expert" on Instagram, adding a little extra weight to this advanced move is no big deal. Gargano shared the challenge on her Instagram, demonstrating not only pull-ups but also hanging knee raises with the pumpkin squeezed between her toes. We definitely recommend practicing these moves regularly first before adding the extra weight; here are some exercises to help you master pull-ups before you hop on the bar. But whether you're going pumpkin-style or not, this is a fun workout combo we'll be taking into the fall and beyond.

via POPSUGAR Fitness


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