Prep Your Space for Deep Sleep

Sleep soundly, faster with these 6 nighttime aids.

Having trouble falling asleep? Optimizing your space and developing a before-bed ritual to calm your mind and body can help. Whether you're in need of lavender to prime your brain for sleep, tea to soothe and relax you, or epsom salts and gentle pressure to release tense muscles, these products can help. And if you’re still having trouble getting some much-needed shut-eye, try Yoga Journal’s Restore Your Sleep Summit, led by five renowned yoga teachers.

Savasana Now Eye Pillow

1. Savasana Now - Eye Pillow

The gentle pressure created when you place this flax seed-filled eye pillow over your eyes encourages the muscles in your face to relax, while its natural lavender scent calms your mind so you can drift off easier. Wrapped in a luxurious silk cover, the pillow is very comfortable and easy to use.

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Four Sigmatic Chill Reishi Elixir

2. Four Sigmatic - Chill Reishi Elixir

Wind down with an adaptogenic nightcap. 1500 mg of organic reishi mushrooms and rose hip extract boost your immune system while enhancing your body's ability to regulate stress, putting your mind and body at ease. This mix acts like you're drinking a hug, and the ritual of preparing your tea is a cue that it's time for bed.

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Bampure Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets

3. Bampure - Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets

Upgrade your sleep space with all-natural sheets crafted from 100% organic bamboo in a chemical-free environment. Bamboo is naturally cooling, breathable, and odor resistant, and the sheets are silky smooth. You'll be wrapped in a cozy, eco-friendly cocoon, helping you fall asleep.

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Cliganic Lavender Essential Oil

4. Cliganic - Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is widely recognized as a natural sleep aid. Its scent increases the amount of slow-wave sleep that you have, which means you're getting more delta wave activity in your non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep (the stage right before you start dreaming). Diffusing lavender in your room before bed can prep your body for a relaxing night of rejuvenating rest. Learn more about Cliganic and their wide array of essential oils in our Health360 review.

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Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser

5. Anjou - Essential Oil Diffuser

You'll need an oil diffuser to fill your space with the calming scent of lavender, chamomile, or whichever scent you prefer, and Anjou has you covered. A single fill can last for up to 12 hours and the mist is expelled quietly so this device won't disturb your sleep. Plus, it instinctively turns off 5 seconds after the tank becomes empty so you can prime your room before bed and it will seamlessly turn off when you're in the middle of your slumber.

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Dr. Teal's Soothe and Sleep Soak

6. Dr. Teal's - Soothe and Sleep Soak

An epsom salt bath is a great way to relax your muscles before you fall asleep, and this blend is packed with minerals that will gently absorb through the skin, nourishing your body and preparing you for a deep slumber. The lavender perfumes will lull your mind into a relaxing state as well.

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Source: Yoga Journal


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