Product Review: Somavedic for Electromagnetic Field and 5G Radiation Mitigation

Harmonize your environment against electromagnetic pollution while mood lighting your space

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Yoga Journal Review

You may have heard of EMFs, aka electromagnetic fields, emitted from ubiquitous items like WiFi routers, cellular towers, and mobile phones. Scientists have not conclusively linked EMFs to health problems but the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified them as a Group 2B—possibly carcinogenic to humans— and researchers are continuing to actively research their safety, as some people worry that EMFs may damage cells, your nervous system, and may possibly contribute to sleep disturbances like insomnia.

The Somavedic is a device designed to mitigate the unwanted influences of EMFs/5G radiation, a form of radiation which one study published in Environmental Health suggests may cause changes to DNA.

The Somavedic device contains mineral crystals, including precious and semi-precious stones. According to the manufacturers, the subtle energy field created by the specific combination of crystals, various natural energy emitters (amplifiers) and precious metals may lessen the impact of EMFs. A preliminary study of the Somavedic showed improvements in both blood pressure readings and heart rates after 30 days of use and positive effects on the nervous system and on the length and the quality of sleep.

The unit is easy to set up and has a sleek, minimalist design and glass body. The blue/green light is soothing, but if you place the unit close to your bed it may be too bright. If that's the case, simply place the cover of the box over the product to act as a dimmer or place the unit in the center of the home. The company says that the energy field Somavedic emits penetrates walls and floors, so it should easily reach your bedroom even if placed outside of it. Running the unit daily may help with a lack of focus and improve overall energy levels, according to customer testimonials.


Yoga Journal Reader Reviews

The Somavedic has a lovely, high-end aesthetic with glass components and no plastic. The light it emits warms the room and the product gives the space a clear and clean vibe. Pretty product all around. My guests also enjoyed having the unit in the space because it was quiet and the light it emitted was pleasing to the eye. I felt uplifted having it around, though I'm not sure if that was because I enjoyed looking at it, that it was working, or possibly both. The effects might be subtle for some of us, and I appreciate that. -Ashley H. 


Source: Yoga Journal


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