Christopher Meloni Reveals the Exact Workout That Gave Him His Famous Butt

Christopher Meloni has been a fixture on TV and in movies for decades, beloved for his role as Elliot Stabler in the Law & Order universe since making his first appearance on SVU nearly 22 years ago. However, it's not just Meloni's acting chops—or his new role on Law & Order: Organized Crime—that have the internet abuzz. The star's incredibly toned posterior has recently become the source of much speculation and admiration—and in a new interview, the actor reveals just exactly how he got the butt that broke the internet. Read on to discover Meloni's workout routine, and for more fitness news, Country Star Jana Kramer Reveals the Exact Exercise Routine That Keeps Her Fit.

He does a bodybuilding routine.

chris meloni taking a selfie

In a new interview with Interview magazine, Meloni reveals that an intense weight training program has helped him tone up over the past year.

"I have a trainer, and we're going through bodybuilding phases," he tells the magazine.

When the much-hyped photos of Meloni were published, "I'd been preparing for one year in a very high-intensity weight training program that actually focused on legs," he explains.

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But he also credits good genes for his backside.

christopher meloni in striped suit on red carpet

While Meloni credits the bulk of his muscle tone to his exercise routine, he says that some of it boils down to genetics.

"I've been blessed with glutes that have an attractive shape," Meloni says.

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He avoids gluten.

christopher meloni smiling on red carpet in blue shirt and gray blazer

Meloni describes himself as "semi gluten-free," noting that the choice is more about his overall wellbeing than his weight.

"I'm unafraid to expand the horizons and see how it makes me feel. I actually had a gluten-free pasta just the other night that shocked and pleased me," he says, adding that he's also "dipping [his] toes" into vegan cuisine.

He sticks to high-protein foods.

christopher meloni in black suit and red shirt on red carpet

In a 2013 interview with Men's Journal, Meloni opened up about how crucial a healthy diet has been to maintaining his physique. "It's impossible to fuel and repair the machine if you don't eat correctly," he told the magazine, revealing that he typically fuels up with egg whites, oatmeal, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

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