Costco is Selling This Entire Keg of Beer for Under $20

Costco's inventory right now is all about the items members need to make this summer a delicious one (S'mores four ways anyone?), but additions keep coming. One of the newest ones is under $20, will serve many, and will have you saying, "Ein bier, bitte!"

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Costco is selling a special beer…in a keg!

costco beer

Although the spout is at the bottom, the Früh Kölsch 5-liter beer with 4.8% ABV is a keg fit for a backyard Bavarian-themed biergarten. Reddit user @msbeany saw it for sale at a Costco in California recently for $19.99, which is about $5 cheaper than purchasing it from other retailers online.

While it is fun, file this item under the strangest things Costco sells (a wine tap, chicken coop, and caskets are also on this list).

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What kind of beer is it?

Costco Beer Keg

"Kölsch is a style of beer first brewed in Cologne, Germany," according to German Liquor Specialties. "It is unusual because although it is warm fermented with ale yeast, it is then conditioned at cold temperatures like a lager. Which gives it a crisp light flavour style."

Another Reddit user who has tasted it says:

It is brewed in Germany.

These ale kegs at Costco get their start in Deutschland using a top-fermenting process. This means the fermentation takes place above 60 degrees Fahrenheit, says Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine. It also means the yeast will rise to the surface, making it possible to "skim," or remove it.

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Other summer items Costco is selling right now.

cheapest costco products

Not only are warehouses stocked up on Malona, popcorn, S'mores, and more, it's all cheap thanks to the Members Only Savings deals Costco frequently has.

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