This Popular Anti-Aging Supplement Is Now Plant-Based for the First Time Ever

Who doesn't love foods that can help our bodies stay young, according to what science suggests? Now, one popular youth-preserving supplement—which you may have questioned a little, due to its being sourced from animals—just evolved in an important and very timely way.

If you like the idea of adding a collagen supplement to your diet but have felt a little weird about the fact that it's often sourced from animals—or, if you avoided collagen altogether for this reason—then you might find this to be exciting news: A company called Geltor is said to be the first to develop collagen from a non-animal source, according to Food Dive.

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The process for developing this collagen is somewhat similar to beer production.

Over the past few years, Geltor has invested $116 million into developing PrimaColl, which they produce by applying "microbial fermentation to plant-based ingredients, which creates animal-free proteins that are the equivalent of those derived from animals," according to Food Dive.

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This is in addition to what the company has already done.

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The source says the brand had already created a non-animal collagen that's used in some cosmetic products, but this update takes their collagen products into food and beverage. (Also read 11 Misconceptions About Plant-Based Eating You Shouldn't Believe.)

PrimaColl is "biodesigned" to simulate a function of the body.

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Apparently, the brand has "biodesigned" PrimaColl as a match to Type 21 collagen, which is "a form of the protein that is found in the human body," but that decreases in production as we age. Other collagen products have been developed for foods before, but their ingredients, like carageenan, still raised some questions. (Read 68 "Healthy" Foods That Are Terrible for You.)

Why this is so big…

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Part of why this product is such a major breakthrough is that until now, collagen diet supplements have been sourced from animals—namely, pigs. Of course, for some consumers with ethics or religious concerns, using a product taken from a pig just doesn't feel quite right for the purpose of promoting one's own beauty. For those who feel this way, it sounds like PrimaColl is hitting the market soon.

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