This Popular Burger Chain Is Being Sued For a Recent Norovirus Outbreak

A franchisee of the popular regional fast-food chain Habit Burger is being sued by a customer who claims he experienced norovirus-like symptoms and was hospitalized after eating at a Shoreline, Wash. location. The food poisoning incident is one of nearly two dozen similar cases that have recently been linked to this particular restaurant, prompting an investigation into a potential norovirus outbreak.

Ed Yusen has filed a lawsuit against Seattle Char, the operator of the Shoreline fast-food location where he and a dining companion allegedly contracted the virus. Yusen claims he suffered abdominal pains and vomiting after eating lunch there, with symptoms getting progressively worse to the point where he lost consciousness and hit his head on a bathroom counter, according to Fast Casual. After awaking with a head injury, Yusen sought medical help and was hospitalized for several hours, the suit says.

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Seattle and King County health officials have been investigating the Habit Burger restaurant, located at 1253 N. 205th St. in Shoreline, for a possible norovirus outbreak as of June 3. As many as 23 people from six separate parties have reported norovirus-like symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, and chills after eating there between May 21 and 24. However, the officials said the source of the outbreak was "not immediately obvious," according to Patch, and could have spread through contaminated food items, surfaces, or between people.

On May 26, investigators found no obvious risk factors at the location, and the restaurant's most recent health grade was "excellent." The location was thoroughly disinfected and additional safety measures were enforced.

Habit Burger did not immediately return our request for comment.

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