Virus Expert Warns of "Increases of COVID" Here

One in three American adults are still not vaccinated. And a very many of them simply don't want to get vaccinated. Meanwhile, a Delta variant, which is proving to be "more transmissible" and more dangerous, will soon become the dominant strain in America. Take that in, next time you think the COVID-19 pandemic is "over"—and act wisely this July 4th. Jeffrey Zients, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, appeared on CNN's State of the Union to talk about the Delta variant and vaccine hesitancy with host Dana Bash. Read on for 5 essential pieces of life-saving advice—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You Have "Long" COVID and May Not Even Know It.


Zients Warned of the Delta Variant, Which Could Cause a Surge

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"The CDC says about 1,000 counties across the US have vaccination rates of less than 30%. So how worried are you about the spike and areas with this Delta, variant and others with low vaccination rates?" asked Bash. "We are concerned," said Zients. "Where we're seeing increases in cases is in those areas generally that have lower vaccination rates." States like Mississippi and Alabama, for example. "So we need to make sure that we're doing all we can to vaccinate all Americans and particularly focused on areas that have lower vaccination rates. We are also helping state and local officials partnering with governors and their teams with surge response teams that will not only help increase vaccination rates in those counties that are experiencing or could experience any increase in cases, but also providing increased testing therapeutics and other tools to make sure that we're stopping the spread and preventing any increases at the local level. But you're right, that the vulnerability is where vaccination rates are lower. And that's just another reason to not only get yourself a vaccinated for your own safety, but also for your family and for your community."


Here's How We Get Back to Normal Faster, Said Zients

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Bash asked Zients why the While House fell short of vaccinating 70% of eligible Americans by today. Are there, as Dr. Anthony Fauci has said, "two Americas"—one that is vaccinated and one that is not, which is still spreading COVID. "We've made a lot of progress," said Zients. "Two out of three adult Americans have at least one shot. Most importantly, seniors, people over 65, 90% have at least one shot. They were the most vulnerable to COVID. In fact, sadly, 80% of deaths have been people over 65, so it's really important that we've made all this progress with close to 90% of seniors with at least one shot. If you have been fully vaccinated, you are protected. If you're not vaccinated, you are not protected. So we're going to double down on our efforts to vaccinate millions of more Americans across July and August. So people get that protection and can enjoy life returning to normal."


Ask Your Doctor if the COVID Vaccine is Right for You, Said Zients

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Bash asked him what he'd say to people who simply won't get vaccinated—they don't want to. Are vaccinations plateauing? "The good news is you look at those polls across the last several months, as more and more people have gotten vaccinated more and more people decide they to want to get vaccinated," said Zients. "So the trend is positive. That said, we need to continue to meet people where they are, make it easier and easier to get the vaccine. It's free. It's convenient, it's safe, it's effective. And we need to answer people's questions. People still have questions about the vaccine, the safety and the efficacy. So we need to answer those questions. The most trusted messenger is the local doctor, the local healthcare provider. So increasingly we have vaccines in doctor's offices at health care clinics so that people can get their questions answered and then roll up their sleeves and get a shot."


Wear a Mask if You're Not Vaccinated, Said Zients

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Bash asked about mask mandates, maybe in the communities where COVID is rising again. "As we have from the beginning, local governments will make their own local decisions based on their vaccination rates and levels," said Zients. "The CDC has been very clear that if you are vaccinated, you have a very high degree of protection. And if you're not vaccinated, then you eat to get vaccinated in the meantime, wear a mask." So no mandates? "The preference is that people get vaccinated. So they're protected, right? And if you're not vaccinated, you do have to mask up to protect yourself and to protect others."

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Have We Reached a Vaccine Plateau?

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Have we reached a vaccine plateau—have everyone who wanted one, got one? "I do not believe that," said Zients. "As I said earlier, confidence in the vaccine, those who want to get the vaccine, that is grown steadily across time as people have had friends and family and neighbors get vaccinated and they see the safety and effectiveness in their loved ones and in their friends and family. So I do believe confidence will continue to grow, but we need to continue to make it even easier to get vaccinated. So increasingly we have vaccines in doctor's offices, in clinics, and that's a great place for people to go to ask any outstanding questions and roll up their sleeves and get their first shot. We've been vaccinating millions of people each week for the past several weeks. And we can, we will continue to do that across the summer." So get vaccinated ASAP, and to protect your life and the lives of others, don't visit any of these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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