Costco Is Opening Even More New Warehouses In These Areas

In case you missed it—earlier this summer, Costco revealed it's opening new warehouses all over the country, much to the delight of the chain's millions of members. And it seems like some new areas have just been added to that list.

If you check out the "New Locations Coming Soon" section on Costco's website, you'll see four new locations planned in the U.S. and one in Canada set to open in September and October.

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Previously, it was announced that Springfield, Mo., Naperville, Ill., and Lake Macquarie, in New South Wales, Australia would be getting new Costco warehouses this month. And now, it appears that, in September, two more locations are scheduled to open in west San Antonio and southwest Houston, Texas. Then, in October, three more brand-spanking-new locations are listed to open their doors in Duluth, Minn., Avon, Ind., and in Anjou, a borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Eat This, Not That! has reached out to Costco to find out more information about these warehouse debuts and their specific opening dates.


But, hold onto your membership cards because that's not all! There are also over 10 warehouses not listed on Costco's website but are reportedly in development.

These include a Stuart, Fla. location, which was discovered when a local apparently threatened city commissioners on Facebook over plans to open a Costco there, claiming the warehouse could potentially damage the wetland environment and contribute to increased traffic, reports Business Insider

In addition, a Viera, Fla. warehouse will apparently open on Nov. 19, Florida Today says. Other locations in development, according to various news outlets and Reddit threads, are in:

Finally, there are also whispers of a Costco warehouse coming to Pasco, Wash., and either Amherst or Williamsville, N.Y. If any of these planned newcomers happen to be near you, you can check the Costco website for more info.

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