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One Major Effect of Drinking Seltzer Water, Science Says

Thirsty? Getting your hands around a chilled seltzer water stirs up anticipation that you can't wait to quench. But hydration isn't the only result of drinking sparkling water, according to a new study that suggests it may actually improve your mood. Plus, other research shows there's a whole list of healthy benefits to selecting fizzy over flat. Check out how your favorite bubbly bev serves up even more than satisfaction.

In an upcoming issue of Food Research International, nutrition and dietetics researchers in Canada asked over 100 study participants to evaluate their own sensory perception and emotional responses to carbonated fruity drinks. Keep reading to see why the findings were cause for some celebration, and don't miss One Major Side Effect of Drinking Lemon Water, Says Dietitian.


You may associate fizzy water with festivities.

Call it the champagne of water: In the study, carbonation increased participants' overall liking of the beverages they tested. That's because, as the study's authors explain, the participants "identified they like mouthfeel and flavour-enhancing qualities of carbonated beverages."

Moreover, they "associated them with special events."

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Sparkling water may help you stay "regular."

As Livestrong points out, the peer-reviewed scientific journal Medicina published a 2020 article about a study that split 21 patients with diagnosed indigestion into two groups: One that drank carbonated water for a week, and another that drank tap water.

Compared to the tap group, the sparkling water drinkers noted significant improvement to indigestion, as well as reduced constipation. (Also check out Best Supplements for Constipation, Say Experts.)


Seltzer could maximize hydration.

Seltzer water might actually be the coolest move on a hot day, according to a 1994 study referenced in the Medicina review that suggested bubbly water may potentially provide greater hydrating benefit than flat water.

As Livestrong explains, that's because "the natural minerals in sparkling water act as electrolytes."

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Seltzer water could help you achieve a healthy weight.

Drinking water in general is one key to shedding pounds, but seltzer water in particular may actually subdue your appetite. In a 2012 study of 19 healthy female participants who drank flat water, seltzer water, or none, it was seltzer water-drinking that resulted in the highest fullness scores and the greatest appetite satiety.


For more on the bubbles that might actually make you feel bubbly…

Club soda sparkling water

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