Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Her Exact Butt and Abs Workout

A decade-spanning career in Hollywood like Vanessa Hudgens' takes more than just talent—it takes stamina. To keep her energy high and her body fit, the multitalented star is committed to an intense exercise routine that helps her maintain her enviable physique. Read on to discover the exact workout Hudgens relies on to keep her abs and backside toned. For more on how your favorite stars stay fit, Hailey Bieber Shares Her Exact Butt Workout.

She relies on weight-based workouts to tone up.

On Aug. 26, Dogpound posted a video of Hudgens and her friend, musician GG Magree, working out together at the celeb-favorite gym.

In the clip, Hudgens and Magree can be seen doing a series of slide squats, floor-based one- and two-leg pelvic lifts, toe touch crunches, weighted sled pushes, leg lifts on all fours, and some twerking-inspired leg shakes. "Never a dull moment with these two," trainer Kirk Myers, Dogpound's founder, captioned the video. And for more on A-listers' exercise habits, Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Her Exact Workout Routine in New Bikini Video.

She does two-a-days.

vanessa hudgens in pink jumpsuit outdoors with her arms raised

To maintain her physique, Hudgens frequently finds herself in the gym more than once a day.

"When I'm not filming, I normally do a cross of Pilates, SoulCycle and yoga," she told Parade in a 2019 interview. "And some days when I have the time, I love doing Pilates first and then going over to SoulCycle. I love a double up! I always feel so accomplished when I double up."

She does lengthening routines to keep her muscles lean.

vanessa hudgens in long purple dress

Hudgens admitted to Parade that she typically builds muscle quickly, so she's careful about the type of exercises she engages in, and the frequency with which she tackles them.

"I find the way that I achieve the body that I want for myself is to lengthen, to lean and to tone. And I get that all with yoga, Pilates, and Soul. I love Modo Yoga. I love a heated yoga class. I love to sweat," she explained.

She works out on an empty stomach.

vanessa hudgens black dress with sheer panels

To make the most of her workouts, Hudgens opts to exercise in a fasted state.

"I work out on an empty stomach usually," she told Parade. "I kind of to go between intermittent fasting and Keto and so it's normally just black coffee and a lot of water first thing in the AM," she said, revealing that she typically sticks to an 18-hour fast, then a 6-hour eating period, during which she adheres to a pescatarian diet. For more insight into celebs' fitness routines, Cindy Crawford Reveals Her Exact Workout for Flat Abs, and for the latest celebrity news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter!

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