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This Costco Product Keeps Changing in Size, Customers Say

There are things at Costco that many members absolutely love–and so they are the first ones to notice anything different about an item, whether it be a new ingredient or a change in the amount in each package. This year they've discovered the paper towels are smaller and that the blueberry muffins may have a new recipe. But the newest discovery claims that the frozen meatballs in the iconic 6-pound Kirkland Signature bag shrunk but now have gotten bigger.

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One Costco member on Reddit conducted a study and shared their findings. User @NowEvenBetter posted a picture of three meatballs from different times—one is from 14 months ago, one is from five months ago, and then one is from a bag they bought recently. The oldest meatball is considerably bigger and weighs 28 grams, the second oldest is 14 grams, and the newest is 18 grams.

The bag, which is on Costco's website for $20.49 right now, says there are five meatballs per serving, and that the serving weighs 90 grams (coming to 18 grams per meatball).

Costco Kirkland Signature meatballs

Although the meatballs of today weigh 10 grams less than the meatballs of July 2020, other Costco members in the comments say that it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Others offered explanations as to why the weight of the meatballs fluctuated so much in a year—and that maybe it doesn't have to do with Costco at all.

Some also note that no matter how big the meatballs are themselves, in the end, the bag is still 6 pounds total.

Eat This, Not That! has reached out to Costco to find out more info about the changing meatball size, but the company has not responded.

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