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This Popular Grocery Chain Is Closing More Locations This Month

Since opening its first store in 1936, grocery chain Giant Eagle has become an integral part of the fabric of countless communities throughout the United States. Now operating over 400 stores in the U.S., the grocery chain's generous rewards program, high-quality store brands, and gas discounts for customers have made it a beloved destination for shoppers.

Unfortunately, the harsh financial realities of the COVID pandemic have forced many popular businesses to make tough choices—and Giant Eagle isn't immune. According to Columbus Business First, Giant Eagle will be closing its Lewis Center, Ohio store in fall 2021.

exterior shot of giant eagle supermarket during the daytime

"After careful consideration of the unique store layout challenges facing our Giant Eagle supermarket in Lewis Center, we have made the difficult, but necessary, decision to close the location," Giant Eagle spokesperson Dan Donovan announced in a statement.

The Lewis Center closure wasn't the only Giant Eagle shake-up in August, however. Earlier in the month, Columbus Business first (via NBC 4) announced that the chain's Bexley, Ohio location would be closing the sit-down restaurant within its Market District Kitchen & Bar location. "There have been significant shifts in consumer shopping and dining interests that have led us to close the in-store restaurant," the store explained in a statement.

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The recent announcements follow a spate of Giant Eagle closures over the past year. In December 2020, the Beaver County Times announced that the Giant Eagle in Baden, Pennsylvania's Northern Lights Shopping Center would be shutting its doors permanently after 25 years in business. Donovan revealed in a statement that the 50 employees of the Northern Lights location would be offered positions at other Giant Eagle stores.

"We have greatly appreciated the support of the community for these many years and thank our team members for their commitment to continually meeting the needs of our guests," said Donovan.

The same month, Columbus Business First announced that the Giant Eagle at Schumacher Place in Columbus would be demolished to make way for a mixed-use development combining residential and retail space.

electronic sign displaying gas prices at getgo by giant eagle convenience store in daylight

However, it may not be the COVID pandemic alone that's battering Giant Eagle's business model. In early 2017, Progressive Grocer reported that the chain had decided to close five supermarkets and four of its GetGo convenience stores in Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Eat This, Not That! has reached out to Giant Eagle regarding additional closures and is awaiting comment.

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