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Walmart Just Put These 11 Items on Sale For Labor Day

Though fall foods are already appearing on grocery store shelves, Americans still have one long weekend left to enjoy the final days of summer. While Walmart is already a go-to store for affordable cookout and party supplies, America's largest grocery chain is making it easier than ever this year to celebrate Labor Day without breaking the bank.

A wide variety of items are on sale this weekend at Walmart—including popular snacks, beloved beverages, and so much more! Without further ado, here are 11 items you'll save money on this weekend. But before you head out to your neighborhood store, don't forget to check out the 6 Best Groceries To Buy at Walmart Right Now.


Team USA RITZ Original Crackers

Team USA RITZ Original Crackers Walmart

Boxes of Ritz crackers that pay homage to the big games are currently on sale at Walmart for more than $1 off. The 13-ounce containers have 120 crackers in red, white, and blue sleeves. Much like the limited-edition design on the box, these packages won't last for long. The 2020 Summer Olympics may be over, but the memories will live on in our hearts!

$1.26 at Walmart
Buy Now

Dole Jaya 100% Pineapple & Mango Juice

Dole Jaya 100% Pineapple & Mango Juice Walmart

September is here, but the official start of fall isn't for another few weeks. You may not be craving apple- and pumpkin-flavored groceries right now. If that's the case, Walmart has you covered—you can snag a pack of four cans of pineapple and mango juice for more than 50% off.

$3.05 at Walmart
Buy Now

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Off the Eaten Path Hummus Crisps, Rosemary & Olive Oil

Off the Eaten Path Hummus Crisps, Rosemary & Olive Oil Walmart

Just like hummus itself, the first ingredient in these hummus crisps is chickpeas. They promise to be "deliciously different" from regular chips, and they're currently on sale at Walmart.

$2.20 at Walmart
Buy Now

Clever Life Rx Maximum Hydration Drink Mix, Lemon Lime

Clever Life Rx Maximum Hydration Drink Mix, Lemon Lime Walmart

The summer sun was scorching this year, and dehydration is something you want to avoid in the heat. This package of 24 hydration packets is more than 50% off right now, meaning everyone at your end-of-summer pool party will stay hydrated this weekend.

$7.95 at Walmart
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Tramontina Primaware 18-Piece Non-stick Cookware Set

Tramontina Primaware 18 Piece Non-stick Cookware Set Walmart

Spring cleaning may be in the rearview mirror, but the upcoming season could easily be considered "fall updating" thanks to the Labor Day sale at Walmart. This 18-piece non-stick cookware set, which has nearly everything a kitchen needs, is currently on sale for $10. It comes in two color palettes: red and steel gray.

$39.97 at Walmart
Buy Now


Pepsi Walmart

This 24-pack of Pepsi is on sale for less than $20 (aka only about $0.82 per can). Should there be a backyard BBQ in your future, it's certainly a cheap soda option. And it might be a good time to enjoy the flavor of Pepsi because these 6 classic soda brands are updating their formulas right now.

$19.62 at Walmart
Buy Now

Chips Ahoy! Candy Blast Family Size Cookies

Chips Ahoy! Candy Blast Family Size Cookies Walmart

Chips Ahoy! are a classic summer dessert, and the family-size packages will only set you back $3 at Walmart during this sale. (FYI: These cookies also come in two-packs, but that option isn't discounted.)

$3.00 at Walmart
Buy Now

Wonderful Roasted & Salted Pistachios

Wonderful Roasted & Salted Pistachios Walmart

Since they're filled with plant-based protein and healthy fats, pistachios are a smart snack. They also make an excellent nibble to leave out for guests to nosh on throughout the day. This weekend, 24-ounce bags of Wonderful Roasted & Salted Pistachios are more than $2 off at Walmart.

$10.82 at Walmart
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Farberware Colourworks 11-piece Rainbow Titanium Teal Knife Set

Farberware 11-piece Purple Rainbow Titanium Cutlery Se Walmart

Cutting has never been cuter?! This cutlery set from Walmart, which is on sale for Labor Day, includes 11 pieces for less than $20. It's a great gift (or a cheap treat-yourself item!) to get before the fall cooking season kicks off.

$19.35 at Walmart
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Lay's Classic Potato Chips, Party Size

Lay's Classic Potato Chips, Party Size Walmart

Walmart clearly got the memo that Lay's Classic Potato Chips are a cookout staple because the party-sized bags (13-ounces) are on sale for only $3.57. Regular-sized bags (8 ounces) cost $2.48, so the larger option is the way to go if you're planning to feed a crowd.

$3.57 at Walmart
Buy Now

Nestle Pure Life Fruity Water Apple Flavor

Nestle Pure Life Fruity Water Apple Flavor Walmart

This container of eight juice boxes is included in the Walmart Labor Day sale for $2.18. Bonus: These beverages don't contain any artificial colors, added sugar, or other sweeteners.

$2.18 at Walmart
Buy Now

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