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ALDI Just Put These 6 Holiday Items on Sale

The holiday season is almost here, and grocery stores are getting festive. From quick snacks to mealtime staples, the magic of the holiday season extends far beyond the grocery aisle, but many can recreate the holiday cheer right at home thanks to store purchases.

ALDI is preparing us with the arrival of new celebratory items. The low-cost chain releases brand new items each week, and this week's "ALDI Finds" includes all kinds of traditional holiday favorites. Here is what you should look out for during your next shopping trip after Nov. 24.

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Beaumont Cocoa Hot Cocoa Cup Sampler Pack

ALDI Beaumont Cocoa Hot Cocoa Cup Sampler Pack

Entertaining a crowd can be hard sometimes when everyone has different tastes—but ALDI's upcoming hot cocoa selection was made with variety in mind. This box of 24 Kcups features six mocha, six Irish creme, six salted caramel, and six peppermint options for $7.99. That's only about $0.33 a cup.


Chobani Holiday Inspired Oat Creamer

ALDI Chobani Holiday Inspired Oat Creamer

Gone are the days of having half and half as the only coffee creamer option—seasonal flavors are officially on grocery store shelves. This one will be at ALDI on Nov. 24 and allows you to turn your daily morning cup of joe into a peppermint mocha without needing to dust any snow off the car. In true ALDI fashion, it's also cheap. One jug is $3.49.

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ChocoSecco Sparkling Chocolate Wine

ALDI ChocoSecco Sparkling Chocolate Wine

This wine is making its way from Germany to an ALDI store near you soon, and it was too unique not to include it on this list. "Enjoy the unique and sensational flavors of ChocoSecco," ALDI describes this wine as on its website. "The taste of tenderly melting chocolate and a touch of delicious cocoa—for the sparkling moments in your life!"

The low-cost chain does note that this wine is not available in every location, and you'll have to check yours to see the exact price.


Park Street Deli Cranberry Jalapeno Dip

ALDI Park Street Deli Cranberry Jalapeno Dip

ALDI isn't just putting traditional holiday favorites on sale soon, it's also adding unique takes on flavors we know and love. The Park Street Deli Cranberry Jalapeno dip is $3.99 and gives cranberry sauce a new competitor.

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Benton's Pre-Built Gingerbread House Kit

ALDI Benton's Pre-Built Gingerbread House Kit

Between decorating, cooking, baking, and gift buying, it may be difficult to have enough time to properly construct a gingerbread house this holiday season. ALDI's Pre-Built Gingerbread House will be on sale soon for $9.99 and will save you some time to fill the stockings with cheer and to go dashing through the snow.


Buddy The Elf Cereal

ALDI Buddy The Elf Cereal

This cereal is definitely part of the elves' four main food groups—candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup—since the corn puffs inside are flavored with maple syrup. Included are also little red and green Christmas tree marshmallows, which can be considered part of the candy group.

Get this Buddy-approved holiday breakfast treat for $2.49 at ALDI soon.

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