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Discontinued Juice Brands You'll Sadly Never See Again

Before parents were worried about kids eating all-natural, organic, healthy lunches, juice boxes were childhood lunchbox staples. It wasn't uncommon to see Fruitopia or Coke vending machines in schools, and Hi-C seemed to be a drink option with most restaurant kids' meals.

But not all of the juice brands of yore have survived into 2020. From Squeezit to Odwalla, here are some of the discontinued juices you'll never see on store shelves again.

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odwalla smoothies

This past summer, Coca-Cola announced that it would stop stelling Odwalla juice drinks. The bottled smoothies were a grocery-store classic, but they weren't top sellers for the company (and they weren't the healthiest option, either).

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'90s kids have a soft spot in their hearts for Fruitopia, another bottled juice from The Coca-Cola Company. But that nostalgia is nothing more than a memory; Fruitopia was discontinued in 2003.

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Hi-C Ecto Cooler

hi-c ecto cooler vintage commercial

This Ghostbusters-inspired Hi-C flavor wasn't really juice, but that didn't stop '80s kids from gobbling it up. What kid doesn't want a green drink, if only for the novelty?

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The format of the Squeezit bottles was half the fun of this bright-red juice. As the name suggests, you had to squeeze the plastic package before drinking it.

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boku juice commercial Richard Lewis

This supersized juice box tried to bill itself as a more "adult" option compared to other juice boxes. We're not sure the advertising worked, because Boku was discontinued in 2003.


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