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The Most Popular Drink in Every State

Sure, soda isn't the best thing in the world for you. And energy drinks and fruit juice aren't the greatest, either. But if you're a supporter of the "everything in moderation" mentality, you might indulge in a sweetened beverage from time to time. You could, of course, go for a classic drink like Coke or Pepsi—or you could go with a regional beverage like Cheerwine or Faygo.

And if you're curious about what everyone else in your state is drinking, you're in luck! We used Google Trends to find the most popular drink in every state. Based on looking at the topic "Soft Drinks" in each state through Google Trends, we were able to see what the most popular searched drinks are for each state. We then looked at popular related topics within this category for each state to determine the most popular searched drink. (For some states, Dr Pepper Cream Soda was at the top because it launched in March 2020, which was part of the time frame we used for the data collection. We excluded that for variety, but the new drink is worth a try if you're a Dr Pepper fan.)

Many are sodas, but some states preferred drinks like lemonade or sweet tea. Here's every state's most-searched beverage—did your favorite make the cut? (Plus, check out The Best & Worst Sodas in America—Ranked!)

ALABAMA: Dr Pepper

Dr pepper on ice

A tried-and-true classic, Dr Pepper (yes, it's stylized without the period) has many fans in Alabama. And while Alabamans may claim this soda now, its roots lie in Texas. A pharmacist invented the cinnamon-flavored soda in 1885 in Waco, Texas—there's even a Dr Pepper Museum in its honor.

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ALASKA: Red Bull

Red bull energy drink

Nope, soda isn't the most popular drink in The Last Frontier! Alaskans prefer Red Bull, which now comes in flavors like coconut berry and tropical.

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case of tab soda

Yes, Tab is still around! This soda, originally introduced in the 1960s, still has loyal fans, especially in Arizona.

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ARKANSAS: Ginger Ale

glass of ginger ale on wooden cutting board with ginger root lemon lime and mint leaves

The go-to cure for a stomachache, ginger ale really does hit the spot. Arkansas residents know what's up!

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orange cream soda float

Whether Californians are referring to Barq's or to homemade cream soda, they're definitely onto something. Vanilla cream soda is a delicious treat, and it pairs well with any summer food.


Iced tea

Sweet tea isn't just a Southern delight! Coloradoans are searching for this summertime drink, too.

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squirt ruby red soda can

Squirt was created in Arizona, but it's popular in Connecticut, too. The drink is citrus-flavored and caffeine-free—and, yes, that does sound a lot like Sprite.

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Dr pepper in water

The doctor strikes again! Delaware residents can't get enough of this unique soda.

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squirt grapefruit soda can

Squirt is more popular than you might think! Florida joins Connecticut in its love for this citrus soda.

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bottles of nehi fruit soda

This soft drink has been around for decades, although you may never have heard of it. Today, you can buy Nehi in a variety of fruit flavors, like peach, orange, and grape.

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HAWAII: Diet Coke

Diet coke on ice

Hawaii residents like to cool off with a classic drink! Diet Coke is a mainstay among popular sodas, so it's no surprise that it's the most-searched beverage in multiple states.

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IDAHO: Diet Coke

Woman drinking diet coke

Idaho is another state that loves Diet Coke. Maybe it pairs well with those Idaho potatoes?

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ILLINOIS: Jarritos

jarritos mandarin soda bottle

You probably have a friend who swears by Mexican coke. But what about Mexican fruit soda? Jarritos comes in many delicious fruit flavors, and it's the perfect complement to a plate of tacos.

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INDIANA: Sierra Mist

sierra mist soda can

Tonic water was technically Indiana's most-search drink. But we don't consider that a soft drink, so we're going with the runner-up, Sierra Mist. Some may say it's just PepsiCo's answer to Sprite, but real fans know the two are completely different.

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IOWA: Squirt

cases of squirt soda

That's three states that love Squirt! If you haven't tried this soda yet, this list just might convince you to give it a shot.

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orange fanta soda can

Kansas does, indeed, want a Fanta. We just want to know if Kansans love the classic orange flavor best or if they gravitate toward the other fruit options, like lemon and pineapple.

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root beer floats in glass mugs

Root beer: You either love it or hate it. Many Kentucky residents, though, fall into the former camp. More root beer floats for them!

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sprite soda can

The classic lemon-lime soda, Sprite had to make an appearance on this list. We wouldn't mind enjoying this soda with a nice Po'Boy sandwich.

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MAINE: Root Beer

root beer in glass mug

Maine is another state in favor of root beer. A&W for the win.

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MARYLAND: Jones Soda

jones soda bottles

Jones soda was created in Canada, but Maryland residents love the stuff, too. It comes in flavors like berry lemonade, strawberry lime, and green apple.

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Mountain dew soda

Massachusetts residents love to "do the Dew." We hope every can brings as much joy as this 2015 Super Bowl commercial for Mountain Dew Kickstart.

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MICHIGAN: Slurpees

slurpee machines

A 7-11 classic, Slurpees are the ultimate frozen treat. Michigan knows what's up.

MINNESOTA: Orange Soda

bottle of orange soda poured into glass

Whether you go with Fanta or Sunkist, orange soda is a treat that's delicious for kids of all ages.

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can of sunkist orange soda

Mississippi won't settle for just any old soda—they need Sunkist. What better drink to enjoy alongside a hot dog or hamburger on a warm summer day?

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Faygo pop

Faygo is based in Michigan, but Missouri loves this soda, too. Try the peach flavor!

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Montana residents are searching for Pepsi more than they are for Coke! You do you, Montana.

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cans of sprite with sliced lemons and limes

If you live in Nebraska, there's a fair chance you've Googled this lemon-lime soda. Hey, it's caffeine-free!

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orange crush soda can

Lest you think Sunkist and Fanta have cornered the market on orange soda, Crush is here to prove you wrong. Don't like orange? Crush also comes in other flavors, including watermelon and peach.

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diet coke original

Whether you're pairing Diet Coke with popcorn while watching a movie or you're drinking a can of it with your lunch, there's no wrong way to consume this classic drink.

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NEW JERSEY: Monster Energy

monster worst energy drink

Not into Red Bull? There's another energy drink to catch your eye: Monster. Doesn't the name just sound like it'll give you energy?

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NEW MEXICO: Ginger Ale

canada dry ginger ale can

The only question is, are New Mexico residents fans of Schweppes or Canada Dry?

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bottles of faygo soda

New York is another state that loves this Michigan-born soda.

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root beer in glass

North Carolina's most-searched soda isn't Cheerwine or Pepsi, though both were born in the state. Instead, North Carolinians love root beer.

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While other states prefer Diet Coke, those in North Dakota enjoy Coke Zero.

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OHIO: Faygo

case of faygo peach soda

If Google trends are any indication, Faygo is more popular than you'd think.

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OKLAHOMA: Cream Soda

strawberry cream soda with whipped cream

We'd like to think Oklahoma residents are enjoying cream soda the Italian way, with plenty of fruit-flavored syrup.

OREGON: Dr Pepper

dr pepper cherry soda can

The doctor is in! In Oregon, that is.

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iced tea

Whether sweet or unsweetened, iced tea is the beverage of choice for those in Pennsylvania.


glass of orange soda with bottles in background

As this list has demonstrated, Rhode Island has plenty of orange soda options to choose from.

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nehi grape soda bottle

South Carolina is another state that's a fan of Nehi and its delicious fruit flavors.

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root beer float on table

Enjoying a root beer float at home? If you're in South Carolina, you're in good company.

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Glasses of lemonade

Is there anything better than an ice-cold lemonade enjoyed on your front porch? Tennessee does Southern living right.

TEXAS: Cream Soda

fruit soda bottles

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the state's affinity for cream soda.

UTAH: Crush

watermelon crush soda can

Did you think we were done talking about Crush? Well, Utah has a surprise up its sleeve!

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VERMONT: Cream Soda

raspberry cream soda

Vermont is another state enthralled by cream soda, and we can't blame them.


strawberry fanta soda can

The European soda has Virginians under its spell.

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WASHINGTON: Green River Soda

Green river bottle

This lime-flavored soda might not be as popular as Sprite, but it's every bit as tasty.

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mountain dew code red soda can

You don't have to live in the mountains to enjoy this bright-colored drink.

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WISCONSIN: Jolly Good Soda

jolly good orange soda can

Jolly Good Soda is Wisconsin-made, and it's the most popular drink on Google in the state, too. You can't go wrong with any flavor of this local legend.

WYOMING: Coke Zero

bottles of coke zero

Zero sugar and calories don't mean zero taste—just ask Wyoming.

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Whether or not you agree with your state's pick, this list just might inspire you on your next trip to the grocery store.

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