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5 Items Trader Joe's is Discontinuing Right Now

Trader Joe's is like an adult-sized candy store—a grocery wonderland full of inventive twists on classics, seasonal arrivals to snag before they're gone, and trusty staples you know and love.

Fans of the cult-favorite food retailer know their holy grail products by heart, so when a product disappears from the store for a few weeks, shoppers catch on quickly. Some even do their own investigative work to find out if the item is temporarily out of stock or permanently off the shelves.

Insiders like Instagram user @traderjoestobediscontinued and the r/traderjoes community on Reddit have the scoop on what Trader Joe's is leaving behind. Unfortunately, these five well-loved items got the boot recently, leaving many heartbroken and searching for suitable substitutes to take their place.

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Real Mayonnaise

TJs real mayonaise

For anyone who used it as their main spread, this loss is a knife to the heart. @traderjoestobediscontinued posted in February that the Real Mayonnaise will soon be left out in the cold. Many commented that this whopping one-quart jar was the only mayo they use, as it was free of allergens like dairy and soy.

It certainly doesn't appear that low sales contributed to the cut. One Reddit user alleged that the reason was more about their bottom line.

"Was at TJ's today and was told by staff that corporate decided the real mayonnaise cost to produce was too high due to the price of canola oil rising. They removed it nationwide," u/Here-To-Learn-Stuffs commented.


Arrabiata Sauce

TJs Arrabiata Sauce

The jarred Arrabiata that combined crushed tomatoes, garlic, chilis, and Italian spices into a smooth, heat-infused pasta sauce is being dropped from Trader Joe's shelves.

The Reddit users in r/traderjoes started picking up on the product's absence in early January, and @traderjoestobediscontinued confirmed it on Jan. 8. Some wondered if the sauce was too spicy for the majority of shoppers, while others pointed to possible vendor supply chain issues. Whatever the reason, people are sad to see it go after so many years.

For anyone trying to recreate the sauce at home, Arrabiata lovers have a couple of options. Instagram user @jillmcgu commented, "You can closely replicate this sauce by adding crushed red pepper flakes to the roasted garlic sauce."

Alternatively, one Reddit user u/Tokyo-MontanaExpress advised, "To make my own I just heat up some oil, dump a lot of red pepper flakes in, let the seeds release their flavor (doesn't even take a minute) and mix into a non spicy sauce. Not quite the same, but plenty close."


Organic Fruit Spread

TJs Organic Fruit Spread

This low-sugar, natural jam was sweetened with fruit juice and came in raspberry, strawberry, and "super fruit" (a blend of morello cherry, grape, blueberry, and pomegranate). Unfortunately, it seems to have been a hidden gem. Reddit users found out that the Organic Fruit Spread would be discontinued due to low sales at the beginning of February.

Discontinued the fruit sweetened jam. I'm broken hearted. from traderjoes

Many speculate that the jam is the same as Crofter's Organic Just Fruit Spread, so if you need to fill that spot in the pantry, you may just need to pay a little more for the name-brand version.

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Arugula Pizza

TJs arugula pizza

In late January, @traderjoestobediscontinued prepared shoppers to say goodbye to the Trader Giotto's Arugula Pizza.

Sprinkled with four types of cheese, topped with leafy arugula and tart cherry tomatoes, and crisped in a wood-burning oven, this frozen pizza's ciao made lots of commenters despair. Many lamented that this pizza held a permanent spot on their weekly grocery list. Others suggested simply buying fresh arugula and tomatoes to add to another frozen pizza instead.


Palak Paneer

TJs Palak Paneer

Grocery blog rated this ready-made Indian dish better than the version at some Indian restaurants. "The spinach has been simmered until the texture is almost pure cream…I got a big chunk of Paneer cheese in every single spoonful of this meal. The seasoning was spot on perfect. Extremely flavorful with just the slightest hint of spicy heat," the blogger wrote.

The Palak Paneer isn't necessarily discontinued, but Redditors noticed that it has been gone from the freezer aisle for some time. One commenter was told by Trader Joe's staff that the product is on hold – and it might have to do with the findings of lead in the meal.

Palak Paneer discontinued? from traderjoes

In late November 2021, Insider reported that several Trader Joe's foods tested high for lead, and Palak Paneer was on the list. One serving contained 16.2 micrograms, but the FDA recommendation is under 12. Lead buildup in the body can result in lead poisoning, which can be dangerous, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Only time will tell if the grocer will be able to return this frozen meal to its avid customers with stricter safety regulations in place, but for now, you won't be able to add this one to your cart.

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