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Katy Perry's Workout Routine And Health Secrets Are Ridiculously Good

Let's be honest: Katy Perry is pure fire. (Or shall we say baby, she's a total "firework.") At 37 years old, this celeb has accomplished major things and unsurprisingly continues to slay, having released a new hit called "When I'm Gone" in December 2021 and her sixth album, Smile, in summer 2020. Perry also recently added more dates to her Las Vegas residency, "Katy Perry: PLAY." And while she's crushing her career, the singer, fiancée of actor Orlando Bloom, and mom of their adorable 17-month-old, Daisy Dove, looks absolutely stunning. Many fans are likely wondering how the star does it all while staying so fit and in shape. Well, we did some digging to find out Katy Perry's workout routine and health secrets.

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Perry works out at the gym three to five times a week

close-up of woman tying gym sneakers

To prep for her Las Vegas residency, "PLAY," Perry reveals in The Wall Street Journal series My Monday Morning how often she's been heading to the gym and what she's been focusing on exercise-wise. "Right now, I'm gearing up for a big residency at the end of the year in Las Vegas, so I'm back in the gym about three to five times a week, but really it is about strength training and weights," Perry says in the Nov. 2021 interview. "We also like to hike. Orlando has one of those hiking backpacks that we can pop Daisy into; she loves it."

If you've ever seen the celeb perform on stage, it's easy to understand why she works so hard at being fit. According to a trainer of Perry's, Harley Pasternak, in a previous interview with Prevention, "Katy aims to exercise five days a week, doing short, high-intensity workouts—including lunges and hip thrusts. These tone, as well as boost her metabolism, and can be done anywhere."

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In addition, the star is a fan of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and hot yoga

woman's hands rolling out purple yoga mat

The star has also done Transcendental Meditation (TM). "It clears my head completely," she tells Prevention, adding, "And it ignites something in my brain. I get some of my best creative ideas when I'm TM'ing." To round things out, the singer does hot yoga to calm any stress. She specifically enjoys CorePower yoga.

She puts her health on a pedestal

In between being a spectacular "firework" in everything she does, Perry works out hard and knows how to stay in shape. A recent picture posted on her Instagram account shows the star looking ultra-fit and absolutely glowing, shining bright in a yellow tube top, leather trousers, and a sleek coordinating blazer. With 153 million Instagram followers, Perry is an inspiration to a massive group of fans, and it's clear as to why.

Perry explains in her interview with Prevention, "I've had a lot of opportunity in my life and I know how fortunate I am, but when I don't have my health, nothing else matters. If I can't get on the stage and do it, I disappoint so many people. I've lost my magical power if I can't get onstage."

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Perry enjoys celery juice or "healthy concoctions" in the AM before her coffee

celery juice

The celeb starts her day off on an ultra-healthy note, as she reveals to the WSJ. "Daddy and I, we drink a couple strange drinks or healthy concoctions in the morning before we cram in our coffee. We drink a Niacin flushing drink, which makes us all red and gets the blood moving. Sometimes we'll have celery juice, it just gets the movements going. We need all the help we can get," she says.

The American Idol judge drinks and bathes in apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

In addition to sipping apple cider vinegar—mixed with 8 ounces of H2O—Perry tells Prevention that she adds 1 cup to her bath routine and rinses her vegetables with it. (Fun fact: When Perry and Bloom went on their first date, they both brought along water bottles with ACV. Perry reveals, "It was kind of cloudy, because it had apple cider vinegar in it. He had his water in his car and it had apple cider vinegar in it!")

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