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Trainer Reveals The Best Tips To Make Your "Plogging" Workout A Success

"Plogging" is the do-good and feel-good kind of exercise that's sweeping the planet right now for the best kind of reason. People are lacing up their running sneakers, grabbing disposable gloves and trash bags, and heading out into their local communities in an effort to get active and clean up the Earth. It's a total winner of a workout in more ways than one—first and foremost that it helps protect the planet we call home. Whether you decide to embrace this eco-friendly exercise solo, with friends, or with a group in your neighborhood, we spoke with Tim Liu, CSCS, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach who provided some trainer-backed tips that will make your plogging workout extra successful. Read on to learn more about these plogging tips, and next, check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Make sure you're equipped with the right footwear and a mapped-out route

couple jogging while holding bags of trash

Before you kick off your adventure, Liu points out you'll want to map out your plogging route. You'll also want to make sure you have the proper footwear on deck, depending on what type of terrain you'll be jogging. (For example, if you're taking on a hiking trail, you'll want to wear sneakers that have lugged soles for better traction.)

"Pick a place in your area where you can get in at least a mile loop or have some hills to challenge your body," Liu notes. You might already have a favorite route in mind, or maybe you'd like to explore someplace new, and clean it up as you go!

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Work in some flexibility drills

female runner in workout attire stretching legs

According to Liu, you should consider adding flexibility drills to your plogging workout, such as quad, calf, and hip flexor stretches. These will "increase your range of motion and improve your mobility," as Liu puts it. Some hip flexor stretches include the seated butterfly stretch, which you're likely very familiar with, in addition to bridges and pigeon pose.

We all know the importance of stretching before and after a workout, but incorporating breaks to stretch during your workout also has its benefits, such as giving you a boost of energy and making you mindful of how the workout is affecting your body. So don't forget to stretch it out along your plogging adventure.

Add exercises to your workout, like glute bridges and squats

woman doing squats outside

You don't have to stop at jogging and stretching—you can incorporate other exercises in your routine, too. Liu recommends, "For exercises, you can perform glute bridges, squats, and lunges during your plogging routine to get your legs and lower body to work harder during the session."

Exercises like lunges are great for toning and strengthening your body—and there are a ton you can do, like side lunges, stationary lunges, walking lunges, twist lunges, and reverse lunges. In addition, the glute bridge will help make your glutes, back, and core much stronger. If you do this exercise properly, you may also experience an improvement in your posture.

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woman running in nature in the cold weather

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