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Walmart Is Giving This Grocery Item Extra Security

The price of meat is sky-high right now, and grocery store chains like Trader Joe's have reportedly endured a string of thefts targeting steaks. At the same time, one shopper allegedly spotted Walmart adding anti-theft tags to cuts of ribeye.

A recent video posted to TikTok by @oakwood19136 shows a $20 pack of two ribeye steaks wrapped in a lock and metal chains. "You got to be kidding me. Walmart now has the steak locked up," the user says in the video. "It's come to this. It's getting bad now guys."

Since the unverified clip was posted on Feb. 6, it has received more than 5 million views and almost 200,000 likes. To watch the whole video, click here. (FYI: It contains explicit language.)

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The Walmart store in question is located in Florida, according to Fox Business. Around the same time, a man was allegedly filmed shoplifting cans of soda from a Trader Joe's location in New York City, per The New York PostOne day earlier, another man was allegedly taped walking out of a different location with nearly 10 packs of meat in his arms.

"They basically just tell us not to do anythingjust let them go," a store worker told the news outlet. "We get in trouble if we do anything . . . It don't bother me. I've been working here for two years. I see it happen every day. After a while, you just don't care."

Eat This, Not That! has reached out to Walmart to find out more information about the allegedly locked-up steaks.

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