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Michael Mosley: Two daily strength exercises to burn fat and lose weight

MICHAEL MOSLEY shared two important exercise tips to add to your morning routine that promise to show fast results.

 Dr Michael Mosley's radical new dieting approach

Michael Mosley is known for his quick and easy weight loss tips and it appears he has another, as he shared some simple exercises that could help people burn fat and lose weight fast, during an appearance on This Morning. The health guru suggested incorporating two key exercises into person's morning routine to set them up for the day and burn that stubborn visceral fat.

Speaking on the ITV show, he said: "I don’t think exercise alone is going to help you lose weight but it improves your mood if nothing else.

"The data suggests if you combine it [diet] with exercise that’s a great way [to lose weight].

"And one of the things you want to do, and this is the importance of protein - you need at least 50g of good quality protein a day - that preserves your muscle.

"The things you want to do when you lose weight is lose fat and not lose muscle and that was the danger of going on a really low calorie, low protein diet - tea, juicing - is that your body needs protein and if it’s not getting it from your diet, it’s getting it from your muscles."

Michael Mosley: Burn fat and lose weight with two simple morning exercises
Michael Mosley: Burn fat and lose weight with two simple morning exercises (Image: GETTY)
Press ups and squats are the holy grail of exercises as they are two of the most accessible and versatile moves around
Press ups and squats are two of the most accessible and versatile moves around (Image: GETTY)

He added: "So you need decent protein and exercise and that really means doing press ups and squats."

Press ups and squats are the holy grail of exercises as they are two of the most accessible and versatile moves around.

Adding weight can make performing them more of a challenge, as they target and strengthen both your upper and lower body.

As functional movements, the benefits of adding them into your everyday regime will create injury-resistance for your everyday tasks.

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