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The 3 Muscles You Didn't Know You Should Work Out, Trainer Says

Whether you stick to a regular workout routine or like to switch things up as often as you can, there are likely certain muscles you target to ensure your body is both toned and strengthened. But what about the muscles you're forgetting about during your sweat sessions? There are three muscles you didn't know you should work out, and we're here to give you the details.

Although there are certain areas of the body that aren't necessarily discussed often or highlighted in various techniques, it's still important to focus on these forgotten—or little known about—muscles for various reasons. For instance, you'll definitely want to check out the following three muscles that Mariah Prussia, 20-year ACE-certified personal trainer, IBNFC nutrition coach, and MMA fighter, tells Eat This, Not That! you may not have known you should be working out. On top of that, Prussia also offers valuable tips on how to target each one.

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Core Low Back Stabilizers—Transverse Abdominis (just one of the multiple low back stabilizers)

serious athletic man performing plank

"Core muscles are typically viewed as superficial muscles, whereas; some of the major core stabilizers in the spine tend to take the backseat, which can result in low back pain when neglected," Prussia tells Eat This, Not That!

In order to put these muscles to work, Prussia suggests exercises such as the dead bug, Romanian (stiff-leg) deadlifts, and planks, while noting that "core exercises should be incorporated in an overall fitness plan at least 2 to 3 times per week, according to Harvard Health."

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Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pilates reformer workout exercises woman brunette at gym indoor

Prussia explains, "Pelvic floor muscles are essential in maintaining healthy bladder and bowel function, as well as an active stabilizer for the pelvis," adding, "The most common exercises are Kegels (which can be performed by both men and women), heel slides, happy baby pose, and pilates." Prussia notes pelvic floor exercises can be done three times a week, or every day, depending on which exercise you're focusing on.

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Fast Twitch Muscles

group of runners training outside

With a name that pretty much gives away their function, Prussia says, "Fast twitch muscles provide more explosive movements for higher-intensity activities, for a shorter duration of time. They also help individuals of all age groups become faster and stronger while assisting in maintaining optimal fitness."

In order to target your fast twitch muscles, Prussia suggests "explosive and power-based movements with higher weight and lower repetitions." Think along the lines of bilateral barbell movements, eccentric and concentric overload, plyometric box jumps, and sprinting.

Note that it's important to give your body the proper recovery time between explosive workouts. Prussia also says, "Training programs and regimens will vary depending upon exercise level and sport specific protocol."

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