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The Best 10-Minute Core Workout For Sculpted Abs

The number one fitness wishlist item I hear as a trainer and yogi is, "I want a flat stomach." This is why my clients are constantly requesting more short ab series. While traditional core workouts are great, I especially love the way yoga sequences fire up my belly through every breath and vinyasa. Plus, there are so many sneaky planks weaved throughout, forcing you to engage your abdominals! This 10-minute core workout is the perfect mini yoga flow to add to your routine as summer approaches, giving you a tight, toned stomach in just about no time at all.

Read on to check out this yoga-inspired 10-minute core workout for sculpted abs. And next, be sure to read The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Child's Pose—hold for 3 breaths

woman doing child's pose on yoga mat

It's best to start every yoga flow with a stretch and breathwork to warm up the body. Make your knees as wide as your mat with your toes touching. Reach your fingertips out long in front of you, and activate your arms by lifting your forearms off the mat. Breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth 3 times. Now, close the lips, and continue breathing utilizing your ujjayi breath, breathing in and out of the nose.

Perform a downward dog, and hold for 2 breaths.

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Sun A—4x

downward dog

Next, you'll perform this Sun A series 4 times (2 on each side). Start in downward dog, and lift your right leg to the ceiling for 3 legged dog, driving your left heel down to open up the back of your leg. Tap your right knee to your nose, and hold for a breath. Step your right foot through your hands for a low lunge, and then bring your left foot to meet your right. Halfway lift to prepare with your hands on your shins, and then forward fold, bending your knees slightly. Inhale, and bring your arms up over your head as you stand up tall and then lower them down to your heart's center.

Finally, exhale as you bring your arms alongside your body for tadasana (mountain pose). Inhale again, bringing your arms back up, and exhale as you swan dive down into a forward fold. Halfway lift to prepare, and then place your hands on the mat, and step back to plank. Lower halfway down to chaturanga, inhale upward dog, and exhale downward dog. Repeat 3 more times, alternating legs.

Perform a downward dog, and hold for 2 breaths.

Plank to Downward Dog—10x

yoga plank on mat

You'll continue to fire up your abdomen with this plank series. From downward dog, roll into a plank with your hands underneath your shoulders, feet hips-width distance apart and heels driving back. Bring your weight forward, and shift to your toes. Hold for a breath, and then return to downward dog. Now speed it up by inhaling into a plank and exhaling into downward dog. Repeat 9 times.

Perform a downward dog, and hold for 2 breaths.

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Side Plank—hold for 3 breaths on each side

side plank on yoga mat

To sculpt your obliques, the next pose is side plank, or vasisthasana. Roll into a plank, and bring your feet to touch at the back of the mat. Placing your weight into your right hand, roll to your right side by stacking your feet and hips. Lift your left arm to the ceiling, and bring your gaze up. (You can lift your top leg for an extra challenge.) Hold for 3 breaths. Roll back into the plank position, and then downward dog. Repeat on the other side.

Perform a downward dog, and hold for 2 breaths.

High to Low Boat Pose Series—10x

woman doing boat pose on yoga mat

Get ready for the final burn that will hit every single muscle in your stomach! From downward dog, jump or step your feet through your hands, and lower your bottom down to come into a seated position.

To get into boat pose, roll your shoulders down your back, place your hands lightly on your thighs, and start to lean back, keeping your stomach and back engaged. Then, inhale, and slowly lift your feet up off the mat into a table top position. Bring your chest towards your thighs, release your hands from your legs, and hold them out alongside your body. Straighten your legs for an extra challenge. Hold for a breath, and then lower your body down by straightening your legs and hovering your upper and lower body off the floor about 1 inch for low boat pose. Scoop out your abs, and hold for a breath. Increase your speed inhaling up into boat pose and exhaling down to low boat pose. Repeat 9 times.

Perform a downward dog, and hold for 2 breaths.

Savasana—hold for 10 breaths

Savasana yoga

Now let your body release, and enjoy the final pose—everyone's favorite part of yoga! Lower all the way down to the mat for savasana, letting your feet flop out, your shoulders relax, and come back to your breath. You can put a blanket or pillow underneath your knees to release your lower back. Stay here for 10 breaths. Namaste.

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