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The Best Hula Hoop Exercises To Shrink Belly Fat

There are plenty of ways to work out that will strengthen your muscles, help you lose weight, and increase your energy levels, as well as give you other body-boosting benefits. For instance, running, yoga, and swimming are favorite staples. Or, you can switch things up, and grab a hula hoop! If you weren't already in the know, there are some ultra-effective hula hoop exercises to shrink belly fat, and we're going to get into them below. But before we do, here's a little bit of background info on the exercise.

Something that's often seen as a child's toy—and something many of us likely haven't used since we were kids—hula hoops can actually be a great way to work out. Not only are they super fun, but according to the American Council on Exercise via New York Magazine, hula hooping can help you burn seven calories per minute while also benefiting things like your core muscles, posture, and circulation. When Philadelphia-based content creator Angie Wang gave hula hooping a try on TikTok, she explained to The Washington Post that not only is it a "fun and different" way to indulge in physical activity, but she also noted that it "definitely strengthened [her] abs," while it left her core section "stronger in general."

So, how do you get the same kind of results from your hula hoop workout? Read on for the four most effective hula hoop exercises to shrink belly fat, according to experts. And next, be sure to check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.


Weighted Hula Hooping

woman hula hoop exercise

"Hula hooping is a staggering aerobic exercise" that will "keep your core engaged" throughout your workout, Isaac Robertson, a nutritionist and a personal fitness trainer as well as the co-founder and Chief Editor of Total Shape tells Eat This, Not That! For that reason, Robertson says, "If you are a beginner, go for a weighted hoop, as they are easier to handle and are more effective than the regular ones. You'll burn more calories while trying to spin it."

Beyond that, Robertson adds, "If you are looking forward to reducing fat around your waist, hula hooping is best for you! Try including it in your daily workout schedule, and you're all set!"

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Hula Hoop Standing Twist

standing twists with hula hoop

Whether or not you opt to use a weighted hula hoop or a regular version, Darryl Higgins, founder of Athlete Desk suggests incorporating standing twists into your workout routine. Higgins notes, "With a hula hoop, this is one of the most basic ways to exercise," while adding that "the abs get a great workout" as you use the hula hoop to "twist in a standing position."

To complete standing twists with a hula hoop, hold the hoop steady with your hands. As you keep your legs sturdy and still as well as shoulder-width apart, twist your upper body first to your right side for 5 to 10 seconds before doing the same on your right side. Try increasing the number of reps and sets as the exercise becomes easier.

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Hula Hoop Russian Twist

woman sitting on floor with hula hoop

"Russian twists are a fantastic core exercise, [which] you can amp up a notch by performing it with a hula hoop," Julien Raby, certified fitness trainer, gym owner, and founder of, tells Eat This, Not That! "Russian twists are incredible for burning calories. It's also excellent for abs and core strength. Increase the workout intensity and/or incorporate weights into the routine to help burn more calories. This aids in the management of love handles or muffin tops."

Similar to a standing twist, but instead done while sitting on the floor, you can tackle a Russian twist while holding a hula hoop with both hands in front of you and leaning back as you lift your legs. While in this position, twist the hula hoop to your right side for 5 to 10 seconds before twisting to your left side. Again, increase the number of reps and sets as you're able.


Hula Hoop V-Sit

weighted hula hoop against wall

Higgins also recommends doing hula hoop v-sits in order to target belly fat. Another hula hoop exercise you'll be sitting on the floor for, Higgins explains, "It's a workout that helps you build a strong core. It's also the quickest technique to lose weight in your stomach."

Again, sitting and holding your hula hoop in front of you, lean back, and lift your legs. From there, let your legs lower, but don't let them hit the floor before lifting them back up again until your body is in a v-like position. As always, increase the number of reps and sets as your strength increases.

To find out more about ways to burn fat, check out The 10-Minute Daily Workout To Shrink Abdominal Fat Fast, Trainer Says and The 3 Best Strength Training Exercises To Shrink Belly Fat Fast, Trainer Says. Then, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter for more of the latest mind and body news!

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