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13 Drinks That Melt Belly Fat, Say Dietitians

Dieting can prove challenging, especially when we need to make it through the holiday season without overeating. If you need to watch your waistline and want some extra help, don't believe you have to go it alone—a ton of helpful drinks can help you burn off some excess stomach fat while providing a refreshing change of pace to your day. Plus, you probably already have some of these drinks in your fridge or cabinet, so there's no excuse to not indulge in these top-notch drinks that melt belly fat, which can help you meet your weight loss goals.

We still haven't found a "miracle drink" that can instantaneously shave off the pounds, but a handful of beverage options can help you burn off belly fat, especially when you pair them with a typical diet and exercise regimen. These 13 drinks, assembled with the help of a wide slew of nutrition specialists, won't give you a flat stomach overnight, but by indulging in them a bit more frequently, you can help shave inches off your waist and undo any damage the seasonal feasting might have caused.

Find the top 13 drinks that can help trim your waistline below, and for even more healthy tips, be sure to check out Eating Habits to Lose Abdominal Fat As You Age, Say Dietitians.


Green Tea

Green tea

"Green tea is packed with antioxidants which have widespread health benefits from preventing illness, reducing inflammation and even reducing belly fat," says Trista Best, MPH, RD, LD at Balance One. "They work in the body to prevent and reduce cellular damage from toxins and free radicals, which can cause weight gain and difficulty in weight loss."

Green tea already starts many of our mornings right, and now we can take extra pleasure knowing that the tea helps us shave off the pounds. For a refreshing, crisp way to lose some inches off your stomach, make sure to add some green tea to your daily routine.

Here are 7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Green Tea.




If you don't fancy yourself much of a tea person, you might find a fun middle ground in kombucha.

"Kombucha is a potent source of probiotics, which help to support your healthy gut bacteria and reduce overall inflammation," says Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN and national spokesperson for Kelly's Choice.

The drink that typically combines black tea, fruit, and spices can get anyone excited and its tart, the refreshing taste makes it a pleasure to drink.

For an extra boost to your weight loss journey, check out these 11 healthiest drinks for weight loss.


Protein Water

protein water

"[Protein water] is perfect for throwing in gym bags after workouts, easier and less messy than making protein shakes and is low calorie," says Heidi Skolnik, MS, CDN, FACSM, and nutrition science liaison for Protein2o. "Protein promotes muscle protein synthesis, [helping] you feel satiated and props up your immune system."

If you haven't tried protein water but love the effects of protein shakes, this drink can change the way you hydrate. Give yourself an extra boost when you need it while shaving down your belly width with any fitness fan's secret weapon.

Just make sure to be careful of your protein intake! Here's The Scary Thing That Happens When You Eat Too Much Protein.




Start your day with some extra pep and burn some fat from your stomach the best way possible. A cup of coffee can do wonders for our health, and the experts now believe it can help trim our waistlines in the process.

"Due to [coffee] containing caffeine, [it] accelerates your metabolism allowing you to burn more fat." says Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD, GP, family doctor and medical advisor at HealthCareers.


Black Tea

Black tea

"Black tea is good too, as it contains flavonoids and caffeine that boost your metabolism and digestion," says Dr. Djordjevic.

If you love some caffeine in the morning but don't do coffee, black tea provides the caffeine boost you need, while sizing down your stomach in the process. For a fresh way to start your day, make sure to give black tea a shot.


Raw Apple Cider

Apple cider vinegar

"Raw apple cider vinegar is great for reducing fat due to having acetic acid that decreases insulin levels, improves metabolism and suppress appetite, all-in-one," says Dr. Djordjevic. "As long as you don't mind the taste, although you can always use it in salads or find ways to integrate it into your diet."

Drinking vinegar might seem over the top, but as more brands roll out signature "drinking vinegars," this far-fetched idea might not seem too outlandish. When it comes to cutting out some belly fat, give vinegar a chance and see what the buzz is about.


Ginger Tea

Ginger tea

If you need to cut caffeine and want a tried-and-true drink to help you lose some stomach weight, try a cup of ginger tea.

"Ginger tea helps reduce appetite and increase calorie expenditure, which is perfect for getting an energy boost before a workout," says Dr. Djordjevic.


Raw Vegetable Juice

carrot juice glass carrot garnish

"Raw vegetable juice… is low in carbs and high in fibers that reduce your hunger, keeping you from overeating," says Dr. Djordjevic.

You have always heard you need more servings of vegetables in your day, and now they can help you burn off extra belly fat. We can always get more fiber, and this filling addition can keep you moving through the day.

Here's why fiber is The #1 Thing To Eat Every Day To Lose Weight For Good.


Lemon Juice

lemon juice in bowl next to sliced lemons

If you don't want to down a glass of vinegar and want something a bit more familiar, lemon juice can help you keep the pounds off.

"Lemon juice is powerful for cutting down fat, as it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, helping to speed up your digestive system," says Dr. Djordjevic.

If you need some help downing the juice, you can also mix it with water for a less acidic version that you can drink easier.


Pineapple Juice

pineapple juice

If you don't want to deal with drinking lemon juice, don't believe you can't have regular juice while continuing to shave off the inches from your waist. For a much more refreshing change of pace, try some pineapple juice to keep your nutritional goals on track.

"Pineapple juice, as one of the few fruits that have the bromelain enzyme… does magic for your digestive system," Dr. Djordjevic said.


Psyllium husk

psyllium husk in water

"Psyllium husk in water which is high in fiber, aiding indigestion," says Dr. Djordjevic.

If you've never heard of this drink, you have been missing out.

"Psyllium husk is a great choice for those wanting to speed up weight-loss and cut down belly-fat in a hurry," Dr. Djordjevic continues. "Usually taken as a supplement or mixed into water, Psyllium is essentially raw fiber made from the seeds of the Plantago ovata plant. [It's] taken as a bulk-forming laxative, as it soaks up water in the gut, boosting digestion. The good news is that it doesn't promote excessive flatulence like other laxatives and digestive supplements, which anyone can appreciate!"


Flat Water

glass of water

"Water is your perfect partner in managing your belly fat," says Amanda A. Kostro Miller, RD, LDN, and Fitter Living advisory board member. "Not only is it essential to life, but it can also help you feel full if you drink it with your meals, snacks, and in between meals. This is really helpful if you find yourself hungry in between meals and don't want to add to your daily calorie intake."

When you need to hydrate and cut pounds, water keeps you full and burns off the weight. Don't know how much to drink? This Is How Much Water You Need to Drink for Weight Loss.


Sparkling Water

Club soda sparkling water

If you can't stand the idea of regular water, you can still get water's benefits while spicing up your beverage choice with a glass of carbonated water instead.

"Drinking sparkling water is more about what you AREN'T drinking if you're satisfied drinking sparkling water," says Miller. "If you're a huge carbonation/soda lover, you can add tons of calories and sugar with a regular soda. Switch to plain soda water so you cut back on calories and sugar."

Losing belly fat can prove challenging, but with the help of these drinks and a bit of determination, any of us can lose the weight and keep the holiday feasts from wreaking too much damage on our diets.

Now that you know what to drink, here are 40 Best Belly-Shrinking Foods to eat as you sip!

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