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The 3 Best Workouts To Get Rid Of PMS Symptoms, Trainer Says

"I'm so bloated." As a woman and trainer, I totally get it, and I've been there. Unfortunately, we've grown up in a society that normalizes feeling pretty awful leading up to and during that time of the month. The truth is that women actually are not supposed to feel this way. While it is normal to have low energy levels due to a decrease in hormones during our menstrual phase, it can be beyond frustrating to deal with. According to the Office on Women's Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 90% of women experience some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). A hormonal imbalance can cause symptoms such as tender breasts, mood swings, irritability, depression, bloating, headaches, food cravings, water retention, weight gain, and acne. The good news? You can get rid of these pesky PMS symptoms by syncing your exercise with your cycle.

How do you do this? Well, it's important to focus on workouts to support your hormones rather than working against them. I recommend low-impact workouts to my clients when Aunt Flo is coming to town, as they reduce stress and inflammation, detoxify the body, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and nourished, despite low energy and high cortisol levels.

Below are the best low-impact workouts to get rid of PMS symptoms and have a killer body. And next up, check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

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trainer demonstrating barre workout to get rid of PMS symptoms

Barre is one of my go-to low-impact workouts. Why? The repetition of those tiny, intense movements will make your muscles shake and leave you drenched to your core while simultaneously keeping your heart rate and cortisol levels low. In other words, the ultimate hormone balance workout.

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trainer demonstrating yoga workout to get rid of PMS symptoms

Yoga is a beautiful practice that is just as much mental as it is physical. With the exhaustion that comes with the natural process of shedding your uterine lining, comes the need for a safe, relaxing space, which can be found on your mat. The poses will give your body strength and the breathwork will provide your mind peace. Not to mention, you get to relish in the positive energy you've created during the final savasana.

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pilates to get rid of PMS symptoms

Think of pilates as the happy medium between barre and yoga. Just like barre, it is an excellent workout for sculpting a lean physique. However, it also focuses on postural alignment, flexibility, and breathwork, just like yoga. Plus, those slow movements will give you a six-pack in just about no time.

Try these low-impact workouts to get started

woman doing child's pose on yoga mat

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