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This is Ariana Grande's Exact Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

From her Nickelodeon days to now, Ariana Grande has always sported a petite figure. But it wasn't until her more recent music videos like "34+35" and her live Vevo performances that we saw just how in shape this pop star really is. So what does she eat to look that amazing?

Ariana has been vegan since 2013, telling The Mirror that she loves animals too much to not go plant-based. But we all know that being vegan doesn't automatically guarantee a slim body—luckily, Ariana's trainer Harley Pasternak helps her stay fit by following somewhat of a macrobiotic Japanese diet. "She loves daikon, lotus, adzuki beans," he told Glamour.

But Ariana also focuses on balance when it comes to her lifestyle. "I think what I've gotten her to do now is to create a more balanced diet and feel OK about indulging and celebrating sometimes," Harley told PopSugar.

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raspberry smoothie

Ariana loves her smoothies, and who wouldn't with Harley Pasternak's recipes? "She makes a lot of my smoothies, so for the body-reset smoothies she'll make the white smoothie, red smoothie, and green smoothie," Harley tells PopSugar. According to US News, Harley's red smoothie satisfies sweet cravings in a healthy way with raspberries, blueberries, oranges, vanilla protein powder, and flax seeds. The green smoothie blends spinach, grapes, pears, avocado, lime juice, and more. Ariana has also been known to eat oatmeal in the morning, but smoothies are a must!


kale and avocado salad

If Ariana didn't kick her day off with espresso, then she'll opt for a soy latte at lunch. "I love soy lattes. Obviously I don't have dairy because I'm a vegan, but they taste out of this world to me," she told US Weekly. Sometimes she'll sub in tea, especially if she has a performance coming up. Ariana even gave her team on The Voice tea and honey packets in their gift baskets.

Then she'll whip up a nutritious salad that keeps her full for a while. Ariana shared one of her go-to salads on Instagram: "new favorite! repost @saschapr… kale, avocado, cashews & teriyaki ✨ #vegan #wereonacookingkick," she wrote. Her trainer told Glamour that he always makes sure that his clients get enough protein, fiber, and fat, so Ariana's salad is the perfect balance.


veggie tofu stir fry

It's pretty obvious that Ariana loves tofu. She posted a photo of her veggie tofu on Instagram with the caption: "daydreaming w my chin in the palm of my hand bout last night's dinner in Japan …….#imissyou đź’­ best thing I've ever tasted." And she even shared a photo eating tofu with her photographer and videographer Alfredo Flores: "macrobiotic hijiki & tofu moments #yas #happyaf @alfredoflores 🌿." Ariana may also cook a veggie stir fry or a brown rice bowl loaded with veggies. She even enjoys chopping her own veggies for these dishes, as seen on Instagram in a recent post.


A long-time berry fan, Ariana will almost always reach for fruit when she's hungry between meals. She often shares her berry ventures on Instagram: "blueberry bosses," she wrote with a photo of fresh blueberries. Previous Eat This, Not That! reporting shows that blueberries have plenty of health benefits, so she's got the right idea. Ariana also shared her baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon on Snapchat. Harley tries to limit his client's sugar intake as much as possible, so this sweet snack keeps Ariana from reaching for chocolate or cookies.

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