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Get Paid $50,000 To Live a Simple, Dreamy Life in Iceland

Have you ever dreamed of uprooting your typical routine and moving to a picturesque corner of the world for a "simpler life" and extraordinary travel experience? You know, one that's complete with waterfalls, horseback riding, breathtaking lagoons, ice caving, and glacier hiking? If this sounds enticing and totally unreal, get excited, because dreams really do come true! Siggi's Icelandic Yogurt is offering the opportunity of a lifetime that'll help you live a simple life that's nothing short of dreamy. Read on to learn more.

Siggi's is encouraging the freedom that's associated with simplicity through their new campaign.

woman bathing in Iceland hot springs, demonstrating how to live a simple life in Iceland

So many individuals are opting for a simpler life post-pandemic. They are packing their bags and bringing their laptops to exciting destinations where they can live and work without the stressful day-to-day grind of a commute into the office. Siggi's is well aware of this trend, which they refer to as a "culture shift." That's why they're offering this flexible freelance opportunity in their "less sets you free" campaign that encourages the freedom that's associated with simplicity.

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As the Chief Simplicity Offi-skyr, you can earn up to $50,000 documenting your "simple life" as part of the role.

man standing by Godafoss waterfall in Iceland with rainbow

The position of Chief Simplicity Offi-skyr is based in Iceland, and you can apply directly on the brand's website. The newer four-day work week can earn you up to $50,000 while you're documenting your "simple life" as part of the role. (And let's be honest: Who doesn't want a four-day work week?) The goal is to showcase what living a simple life in Iceland could be like, so it's time to let your creativity shine.

"While many companies have been pushing for a healthy work/life balance, siggi's is the first to offer a gig that truly maximizes living a simple life and enjoying the benefits that the environment and nature have to offer," siggi's shares via the job description.

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Iceland is one of the happiest countries in the entire world, and it has one of the highest life expectancy rates.

group of horseback riders in Iceland going to waterfall through meadow

This Nordic island just so happens to be one of the happiest countries in the entire world. According to NBC News, Iceland also has one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, with 83 being the average lifespan of its residents.

You'd be surrounded by so much natural beauty and culture if you score this role. You'll never run out of unique sights to see, like the Northern Lights; the iconic Blue Lagoon; Kerid Crater Lake, which is encompassed by red volcanic rock; the Arctic Henge monument; and Dettifoss, Europe's most forceful waterfall. You can even spend time exploring an ice cave or grabbing cocktails at an ice bar (while wearing a warm and cozy poncho, of course).

You'll live a simple life, document your Icelandic journey, and explore as you've never explored before!

woman touching ice glacier

If this plan speaks to your soul, check out some of the responsibilities. You'll document your journey by taking lots and lots of pictures to capture how you're truly embracing a simple life in Iceland. Some experiences you'll want to showcase may include exploring waterfalls and glaciers, in addition to swooning over the Northern Lights. A really awesome part of this opportunity is you'll be connected with chefs, restaurant owners, and hiking guides to ensure you fully enjoy and document every aspect of this freelancing gig. Oh, and you'll also be curating some content for siggi's social media channels.

Are you ready to live a simple life in Iceland? This sounds like an all-around incredible opportunity to us!

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