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13 Discontinued Frozen Foods You'll Sadly Never See Again

Frozen foods aren't always the healthiest options in the grocery store, but they're great in a pinch. Whether you're looking for an ice cream bar to end your meal on a sweet note, an easy breakfast you can heat and take with you, or a dinner that requires zero pots and pans, the freezer aisle has you covered.

But not every freezer-aisle favorite has stood the test of time. Here are some of our favorite discontinued frozen foods from years gone by—we'd love to see them grace store shelves again one day.

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Marie Callender's Herb Roasted Chicken Dinner

marie callenders herb roasted chicken

Like many other frozen food companies, Marie Callender's had to adapt its product line to survive the economic burden the pandemic brought this year. Their classic Herb Roasted Chicken Dinner was officially declared discontinued on their Facebook page, leaving many fans heartbroken.


Klondike's Choco Taco

box of choco taco klondike ice creams

Rumors circulated for almost a year about the discontinuation of the taco-shaped frozen treat, and even though Klondike reassured ice cream fanatics about the item's availability it didn't last long. The brand confirmed in July of 2022 that the novelty ice cream is no more due to an "unprecedented spike in demand" for Klondike products.


Jello Pudding Pops

jello pudding pops

You can still find Jello-branded molds for making homemade pudding pops. But things were a lot easier when you could just get the already-frozen version at the store.


Eggo Waf-fulls

box of eggo waffuls

'90s kids know that waffles are twice the fun if the toppings are on the inside. RIP.

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Funny Feet Ice Cream

funny feet ice cream on stick

It doesn't take much to realize why this '80s ice cream truck classic didn't stand the test of time. The thought of chomping down on a foot is unappealing, to say the least.


Care Bears Waffles

care bears waffles

While '90s kids had Eggo Waf-fulls, '80s kids had Care Bears waffles. Sadly, they weren't shaped like the animals—they were just colorful square waffles.


Fat Frog Ice Cream Bars

fat frog ice cream commercial cartoon

This is another '80s ice cream truck staple you won't find today. We still love the frog, though—just look at his eyes!


Flintstones Push-Up Pops

nestle push up pops

You can still find Push-Up Pops in the freezer aisle of your local grocery store. But they won't be Flintstones-branded, which was half the fun.

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Libbyland Dinners

libbyland safari supper tv dinner

'70s kids will remember these frozen TV dinners, which came in fun themes like "Pirate Picnic." But their reign in the frozen-foods aisle didn't last past 1976.


Morton Twinkie Supper


What's a frozen meal without a Twinkie on the side? Not much, apparently, if this '70s TV dinner was any indication.


Swanson International TV Dinners

swanson italian style tv dinner

Whether you were looking for German, Mexican, Chinese, or Italian food, Swanson's frozen options had you covered in the '70s.

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Kid Cuisine

kid cuisine fish sticks frozen dinner

Unfortunately, you won't find this Kid Cuisine fish sticks option in stores anymore. But '90s kids will be happy to know that most other Kid Cuisine frozen dinners are still available today.


Kraft Frozen Mac and Cheese

kraft frozen mac and cheese

This healthy and heartier frozen dinner paired chicken nuggets and broccoli with Kraft's signature dish. And we miss it!

A previous version of this article was originally published on October 7, 2020.

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