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8 Strict Rules That Have Gotten Chick-fil-A Workers Fired

One way Chick-fil-A has become such a powerhouse in the American fast-food scene is by offering food that many people rate as top quality and prefer over that of other chains. Another way is being highly selective when it comes to approving franchise owners, thus fostering a business model where, from the top down—from owners to managers to employees working the fryers, counters, and drive-thru window—each unit tends to be a well-oiled machine.

But another way Chick-fil-A manages to run such a tight ship is by compelling employees to follow quite a few rules, many of which are both strict and strictly enforced. If you want to stay on the payroll at America's #1 fast-food chicken chain, then you'd better follow the rules. Especially these or risk getting fired. Plus, don't miss 7 Strict Rules That Have Gotten Hooters Girls Fired


Don't even pretend to mess with the food.

chick fil a employee

In news that made nationwide headlines in recent days, a pair of Chick-fil-A employees were promptly fired after a video went viral that appeared to show them spitting in chicken batter, per Business Insider. It's not clear if anyone actually did expectorate into foodstuffs or if it was just a prank, but the terminations were swift and won't be overturned.


Don't share ways to hack the menu

A former worker at Chick-fil-A, swayed by the menu-hack videos making waves on TikTok, created her own short video outlining how to save on the chain's Mango Passion Tea Lemonade. When the post "low-key blew up" she found herself getting flooded with angry messages from Chick-fil-A workers and managers. The post soon made its way to her managers and she was terminated.


Polygraph tests may be required.

Chick-fil-A cup, bag, and box

According to one Chick-fil-A Employee Handbook, the employees may be required to undergo a lie detector test now and then, especially if they are suspected of any theft or embezzlement. If they refuse the testing, they may end up fired.


The one restaurant rule.

Many fast-food chains are thrilled when a franchisee becomes a multi-unit owner-operator, but Chick-fil-A takes a diametrically opposed approach: a person may only own one Chick-fil-A restaurant at any given time, per Franchise Business Review. And he or she may not own any other potentially competing ventures, either.


All hair must be a natural color.

male chick fil a worker

If your hair is brown, black, blonde, red, gray, or white, no problem, you can get and keep a job at Chick-fil-A. But dye that hair any unnatural color and you're out, per Mashed. And that even goes for streaks or highlights; no hair colors that can't be naturally produced by the human body are allowed on a Chick-fil-A worker's head.


No tips allowed

Accepting a tip from a satisfied customer can quickly lead to one very unsatisfied Chick-fil-A worker. Or rather make that a former Chick-fil-A worker, because, according to a post shared on Reddit, accepting tips is seen as grounds for summary termination by management at the restaurant chain.

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They must answer "my pleasure."

Saying thanks to a Chick-fil-A worker will never get you the standard reply of "you're welcome." Nor are you ever going to hear a casual "no prob!" or "any time!" No, Chick-fil-A workers are required to respond to a "thank you" with the words "my pleasure." This response has been a company policy since the restaurant's founder, Truett Cathy, asked managers and their staff to start using the phrase after he found himself taken with it when employees at a Ritz-Carlton said "my pleasure" to him.

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