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10 Best Chain Restaurant Deals and Freebies You Can Score On Black Friday

According to Britannica, the name "Black Friday"—one that has a negative connotation in the minds of consumers—may have been positive in nature when first ascribed to the American holiday shopping season. The frenzied consumerism of that date was what sent businesses from being "in the red," or operating at a loss, to "in the black," or operating at a profit.

Of course, there's a lighter side to Black Friday, and we're not talking about doorbuster deals on microwaves or PlayStations: we're talking about food. Here are 10 great restaurant deals or outright freebie eats you can enjoy this holiday season that begin on or around Black Friday.

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Popeyes–Free Chicken Sandwich

popeyes chicken sandwich combo

When you stop into Popeyes on Black Friday, you can get a free chicken sandwich with the purchase of any chicken sandwich combo. It's a great way to turn a decent meal into one that will have you full for hours or to share the eats with another. Just make sure to order via the web or the Popeyes app.


Denny's–Free Breakfast for a Year

Lumberjack slam

Denny's takes the cake when it comes to Black Friday food deals. Customers will have a chance to buy an Everyday Value Tee t-shirt for 5.99 (that being the same price as the chain's Everyday Value Slam breakfast) that will entitle them to a free Everyday Value Slam meal each and every day for a year at no additional cost. That's a $2,180-plus deal, but note that only 150 of the shirts will be for sale nationwide.


Taco Bell–Free Gordita

Starting on 11/25/22 (yep, Black Friday itself) and lasting through 11/29/22 (which is Giving Tuesday, if that's your thing), you can score a free Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell any time you place an order worth $15 or more, per Thrillist. The only other stipulations are that you order via DoorDash and that your order comes with at least one paid Gordita.

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California Pizza Kitchen–Free $20

california pizza kitchen storefront

From now through the end of 2022, California Pizza Kitchen is offering a legitimately great deal: when you buy $100 (or more) worth of CPK gift cards, you get a $20 gift card for free. So that's an immediate 20% return that you can turn into more food.


Applebee's–Free $10

applebee's sign

You might think Applebee's offer is half as good as CPK's, but it's actually arguably a little better. That's because Applebee's is offering a free $10 bonus card with the purchase of a $50 gift card, so it's the same 20% gifting, and it's yours with even less of a spend required.


Jamba Juice–Free Delivery and 50% Off

Jamba Juice

All this Thanksgiving week Jamba Juice is offering customers free delivery of its famed smoothies. And then, to sweeten the deal even more, on Black Friday itself, you can get 50% off the price of a second smoothie when you order a first at the normal price.


Outback Steakhouse–Free $10

When you buy a $50 gift card at Outback Steakhouse now through the end of the year, you get a free $10 off card as thanks. Just note that it can't be used until January 1st of 2023 and expires on February 6th next year, so it's a rather tight window of opportunity.


Smashburger–Free $5 per $25


On Black Friday, Smashburger is ready to give you $5 in "SmashCash" for every $25 you spend at the restaurant. Spend $50, that's $10 your way. Spend $100, that's $20. Spend $500? That's…way too much spending at Smashburger, and anyway, you get it. Just also get that the SmashCash so earned must be used by February of 2023.


Del Taco–BOGO Stuffed Quesadilla Taco

Stuffed Quesadilla Taco

On Black Friday 2022, you can get a free Del Taco Stuffed Quesadilla Taco when you order one paid Stuffed Quesadilla Taco, AKA Buy One Get One, or BOGO. You need to order via the Del Taco app or online to take advantage of the deal, and you need to be a Del Taco Rewards member.


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Chuck E. Cheese–Free $10

chuck e cheese

Following suit with many other restaurant chains, Chuck E. Cheese is offering customers a free $10 reward benefit when they purchase $50 in gift cards starting 11/25/22 and with the offer running through the end of the year. Just note the rewards must be used in January or February of next year.


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