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Charleys Philly Steaks Has Big Plans to Take Over the Sandwich World

The city of brotherly love may be synonymous with the cheesesteak, but you don't have to visit Rocky Balboa's home to get your hands on one. Charleys Philly Steaks had already boasted hundreds of restaurants all over the world, but the cheesesteak chain added an incredible 100 new locations in 2022!

And that's not all. Charleys has big plans for 2023, aiming to open at least another 200 restaurants next year. It isn't a stretch to say the franchise that started in 1986 is vying for full-on sandwich supremacy moving forward.

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"This is an exciting accomplishment for Charleys and for every member of our team," commented Charleys Philly Steaks Director of New Store Opens Terry Collinsworth. "Opening 100 stores in an economic climate like this requires amazing people behind you."

The newly opened 100th Charleys restaurant is located in North Lauderdale, Florida at 7202 W. McNab, and is owned by Julie Vulcain, who already operates four other Charleys locations in the sunshine state. The first ever Charleys, however, was opened way back in 1986 near the campus of The Ohio State University by Charley Shin, a student there at the time. By 1991, the Charleys brand had begun franchising all over the world, opening locations in mall food courts, military bases, free-standing locations with drive-thrus, strip centers, convenience stores, and airports. Today, there are currently 740 Charleys restaurants serving cheesesteaks.

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Of course, the Charleys menu offers a whole lot more than just cheesesteaks. The chain is also well known for its variety of real fruit lemonades and gourmet fries loaded with cheese, bacon, and other toppings. Over just the past three years or so, many newer locations have also started offering ice cream, milkshakes, and chicken wings.

charleys philly steaks

The growth Charleys has enjoyed over the past 12 months would have been impressive during any calendar year, but it's especially noteworthy considering how challenging 2022 has been for businesses of all shapes and kinds. Charleys franchisees dealt with higher materials and labor costs, supply chain delays, and staff shortages this year.

"There are many challenges when opening this volume of restaurants," explained Charleys Philly Steaks Senior Director of Design and Construction Brian Tepen. "Each location has its own story, and no two locations are exactly alike. It takes each team member doing their part in all stages of a project to succeed."

Each location may hold its own story, but the overarching narrative of Charleys is certainly looking up. The cheesesteak chain is poised to continue growing in a major way.

"This really is just the beginning," Collinsworth added. "Our team, our franchisees and our guests are all excited to see Charleys continue to expand."

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