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5 Healthier Foods To Have in the Fridge for Quicker Weight Loss

When you're looking to lose weight, developing healthy eating habits is a crucial part of the equation. It's much easier to maintain said habits by having nutritious food options at the ready, along with ditching any unhealthy temptations that'll veer you off course. We chatted with Laura Burak MS, RD, founder of GetNaked® Nutrition and author of "Slim Down with Smoothies," who shares five healthy foods for quicker weight loss that you should always have in your fridge.

According to Burak, "One of the first things to do in order to create healthier eating habits is to stock a handful of fresh, frozen, and pantry staples so you can easily make better meal and snack choices. When you open the fridge doors, if healthier food is visually in front of you, you are much more likely to grab it. "

Keep reading to learn more about Burak's healthier foods that support quicker weight loss, and next, don't miss 5 Little Things You Can Do Every Day To Lose a Lot of Weight.


bowl of uncooked eggs

"One of the first things I reach for when I want to make a quick meal is eggs," Burak tells us. "It isn't called the incredible edible egg for nothing!"

You can use eggs to seamlessly prepare healthy meals—from omelets to egg muffins—no matter the time of day. Or, consider hard boiling your eggs and putting them back in the fridge for a nutritious snack you can grab and enjoy whenever.

Eggs are a stellar choice to support your weight loss efforts, and research backs this up. According to a 2014 study, individuals who ate eggs for breakfast, as opposed to steamed bread, experienced a boost in fullness and decreased body weight. More research reveals individuals who eat eggs over cereal can experience greater satiety and reduced hunger.

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Next up in Burak's healthy foods for quicker weight loss, she suggests, "Always keep a few veggie options in the produce drawer to throw into those scrambled eggs or to make as side dishes, as part of salads, or use in tons of other ways to create volume and add nutrients to your diet."

There's a lot of science out there that explores the positive link between vegetable consumption and weight loss. For instance, according to research published in Nutrients, previous studies show that boosting veggie intake could lead to weight loss and a reduced risk of gaining weight or becoming obese.

Fruit that's in season

bowl of fresh berries

The next time you're craving something sweet, you should snack on in-season fruits rather than reaching for pantry items like chocolate chip cookies and sugar-packed candies.

A study published in PLOS Medicine reveals the weight loss benefits of adding fruit to your diet. The research found that a boost in fruit consumption correlated to weight loss over a four-year timespan. The fruits that yielded the most benefits included apples, berries, and pears.

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Good-quality salad dressing

"A good-quality salad dressing for drizzling onto veggies or to enhance the flavor of any dish [is the way to go]," Burak says. Many pre-made salad dressings are jam-packed with calories and fat, so be sure to choose a good-quality one, or whip up your own salad topper! For instance, you can stash some lemons away in the fridge to add an extra bit of zesty flavor to your greens.

High-protein portable snacks

string cheese on cutting board, healthy foods for quicker weight loss

Burak personally loves stocking up on tasty high-protein snacks that you can easily take on the go. "Yogurt and cottage cheese, as well as hummus and guac packs to dip those veggies into and add as a spread to sandwiches [are all great ideas]," she says. In addition, consider shopping for individual cheese sticks and bars. Enjoy them with your fruit for a yummy snack that leaves you feeling full.

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