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6 Steakhouse Chains With Romantic Valentine's Day Menus for Two

Why does it seem traditional to eat steak on Valentine's Day? There may be a few reasons. Despite the current high price of eggs, prime cuts of beef are usually more expensive than say, chicken and other groceries. Eating a juicy steak may seem more of a treat than other proteins. Thus, the perceived value lends to a sense of opulence, a splurge, for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

Thus, when Valentine's Day comes around, nothing is better for some couples than a nicely marbled, seared steak surrounded by as many indulgences as possible. Luckily, many popular steakhouse chains are offering dining-for-two deals that combine the choicest steaks with the decadent sides that everyone loves.

Ruth's Chris, Morton's, and other popular steakhouses offer multiple locations to eat fine steaks with both savory and sweet accompaniments. Several are offering deals for couples dining through the week. You can't help but love it! Here are the best deals for two at your favorite steakhouse chains.

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Morton's The Steakhouse, Eat Your Heart Out

mortons steakhouse vday

Morton's is a familiar spot for most steak connoisseurs, known for USDA Prime wet-aged premium steak and impressive fresh seafood. The Valentine's Day special menu is made to impress and packed with treats to celebrate the night.

This 3-course meal is meant for lovers, at least hungry ones. It starts with the Love in Bloom cocktail, a rosy-hued blend of Tito's Vodka, Cointreau, hibiscus, and Prosecco. The steak entrée is a Chateaubriand cut with an upcharge for lobster tail or crab cakes, but there are plenty of choices for soup, salads, sides, and dessert.

Morton's is known for decadent meal-ending sweets, like the legendary sundae for two, an old-fashioned concoction of chocolate brownie, vanilla ice cream, caramel, and fresh whipped cream.

From February 10-14, $179 for two.


Ruth's Chris Steak House, Romantic Evening for Two

Ruths Chris Valentine's Day

This restaurant started as a gamble. Ruth Fertel mortgaged her home to invest in a 60-seat restaurant called Chris Steak House in 1968. She dreamed of a restaurant with her own name and now has 150 Ruth's Chris Steak House, the culmination of her goals. Since dreams come true at this go-to steakhouse, it's an excellent spot to celebrate your valentine.

The Valentine's Week special Chateaubriand is 22 ounces of hand-carved tenderloin enhanced by a rich cognac sauce. The rest of the prix fixe choices are just as delicious. With a choice of two salads or a soup and salad, garlic mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, and chocolate sin cake, you will not leave this romantic meal hungry. With wine, cocktail, and champagne pairings, every part of the meal is curated to be an over-the-top experience, as Valentine's Day should be.

From February 10-19, $160 for two.


Sullivan's Steakhouse, Love At First Bite

Sullivan's vday dinner

The atmosphere is what makes Sullivan's a perfect date night spot. Always full of jazz or swing music and an upbeat, friendly staff, each location makes the most of its local area by adding a little community flair.

Sullivan's menu offers a little more choice for the main dish, especially if your partner doesn't enjoy steak. With boneless and bone-in beef cuts, herb brick chicken, and seasonal fish, there's something for all appetites. The prix fixe also gives diners the ability to choose multiple enhancements for their steak, like compound butters, crab and shrimp choices, and different sauces. The options extend into numerous sides and salad choices, plus some a la carte specials to add to the meal. End with house-made key lime pie or New York cheesecake.

February 10-14, $85 per person plus tax and gratuity.


Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Celebrate the Day

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Valentine's Day

Fleming's prides itself on hosting guests with a warm, approachable fine dining experience, which extends into its delicious Valentine's Day menu. Known for Prime steaks and Napa Valley wine, the restaurant is committed to the same quality for this special day.

Guests choose from three entrees with three separate price points. Each includes a salad and dessert. The offerings are all special meals: petite filet mignon with crab stuffed shrimp scampi, petite filet,and lobster tail scampi, or a 35-ounce prime tomahawk with both lobster tail and crab stuffed shrimp.

February 10-14, $85, $95, and $230 per person, depending on the entrée chosen.


Perry's Steakhouse, Valentine's Candles Are Lit

Perrys Steakhouse vday

Perry's started as a family-owned butcher shop in Houston in the 1970s, eventually expanding into the steakhouse chain less than twenty years later. The chain keeps true to those roots with a tableside carving of its prime USDA steaks. The goal is to make each patron feel included and special with each meal.

For Valentine's Day, try candlelight filet mignon roast for two topped with bearnaise, truffle merlot, or roasted peppercorn sauce. Even better, add in two steamed lobster tails topped with special lobster beurre fondue butter. This feast for the senses includes two salads, two sides, and half a dozen chocolate-dipped strawberry kisses. I think the word is 'love.' If you prefer Valentine's Day in your PJs and save a few bucks, you can get the same meal to-go for $40 less.

February 11-14, $185 per couple, $145 for a couple, to-go.

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Logan's Roadhouse, Keep It Casual

logans roadhouse vday

Logan's is headquartered in Houston but has locations across 21 states offering mesquite wood-grilled meats and signature sides. They've been a favorite of casual diners looking for a good steak for 32 years. This Valentine's Day, they're offering Romance the Roadhouse Way. The concept? Dress casually but treat yourself and your love to butcher-selected center-cut top sirloin or tender ribs. Don't forget to take full advantage of Logan's buttery, house-made rolls while you're feeling indulgent.

Logan's Rewards members can take advantage of surprise offers in the Logan's Rewards App. There's a chance to receive up to $250 of rewards or a $1000 gift card when offers or redeemed and purchases are made from Feb. 9-14. That's a lot to love!

February 1-14, prices may vary by location.

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