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7 Most Popular New Pizzas You Can Try Right Now

This year, February 9 is National Pizza Day. While this isn't an official national holiday, yet, handing out a few pizza cupcakes at the office will probably go over well. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to try all of the new pizzas that Papa Johns, Domino's, Little Caesars, and other chains have released this year.  As if you needed an excuse to eat pizza anyway, right?

Whether you're taking advantage of a few National Pizza Day deals, or just hungry for a slice (or three), you're doing it at a great time. Several popular pizza chains have just released brand-new pizzas or brought back a few iconic faves. Plus, some of these new and returning pizzas are only here for a limited time Here's what's on their menus.

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Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza

Papa John's Crispy Parm Pizza

This newest addition to Papa Johns goes way outside the (pizza)box and features a layer of crispy Parmigiano Reggiano cheese baked onto the underside of the crust. This unique take on pizza crust is available for a limited time but sounds like one to try ASAP.


Pizza Hut's The Big New Yorker

Pizza Hut New Yorker Style Pizza

It's been more than two decades since the nation first saw The Big New Yorker, a 16-inch diameter Pizza Hut pizza consisting of six large slices of pizza that can be folded in half "NewYork-style." This massive pizza is topped with two different types of pepperoni and Parmesan oregano seasoning. This foldable pizza is now back for a limited time.


Little Caesars Slices-n-Stix

Little Caesars Slices-n-Stix

Little Caesars first introduced a Slices-n-Stix pizza in 2020, but the chain's latest versions that just came out this year are a major upgrade. You can now get a Slices-n-Stix pie that features either jalapeños or bacon bits on the breadsticks half of the pizza instead of just cheese bread as in the past.


Domino's Loaded Tots

dominos loaded tots

Rather than releasing a new pizza with wild toppings or a novelty crust, Domino's has taken several of your favorite pizza toppings and crammed them on top of crispy potato tots. These pizza bites are called Loaded Tots and were rolled out just ahead of the big game. Choose from Melty 3-Cheese, Cheddar Bacon, and Philly Cheese Steak.

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Taco Bell's New Mexican Pizzas

Cheesy Jalapeño Mexican Pizza Combo taco bell

We'll let the purists decide (or howl) about whether or not Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza is truly a pizza—regardless, when it returned to menus last May, millions were thrilled. And then, at the very end of 2022, we learned the chain was testing out two new takes on the Mexican Pizza, a Cheese Jalapeño Mexican Pizza and a Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza. The catch? You'll need to be in the Oklahoma City or Omaha markets, respectively, to get these new eats. For now.


MOD Pizza's Super Shroom Pizza

MOD Super Shroom Pizza

An even more mushroomy take on the chain's earlier Bella Pizza, MOD Pizza's new Super Shroom Pizza is a victory for fungus fans. It features a mushroom pesto sauce, fresh mushroom slices, and other non-mushroom ingredients like mild sausage and spinach. It's a winter pizza here only for a limited time.

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Hunt Brothers' Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Hunt Brothers' Buffalo Chicken Pizza

In what seems to be becoming an annual New Year's tradition, Hunt Brothers has brought back its Buffalo Chicken Pizza for a limited time. To find it, head to one of the more than 8,000 locations that sell this brand of pizzas, which range from gas stations to convenience stores to markets and more.

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