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9 Best Valentine's Day Treats You Can Score at Trader Joe's

The season of love is soon upon us. Whether you're planning to spend this Valentine's Day with your special someone, friends, or by yourself, having some festive treats at the ready is a perfect way to make this Feb. 14 even more memorable.

And what better place to snag some fun holiday products than seasonal-item seller extraordinaire Trader Joe's? Over the last few weeks, shoppers have been spotting a variety of Valentine's Day-themed foods that are sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Need some inspo? We scoured social media to round up some of the goodies that people have been raving about.

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Heart Shaped Macarons

trader joe's heart shaped macarons

What would Valentine's Day be without some heart-shaped confections? Available in TJ's frozen foods section, these bite-sized desserts come in two flavors: raspberry and vanilla crĂšme with a strawberry center.

In typical Trader Joe's fan fashion, numerous shoppers shared their love for the product on social media, with one user commenting on an Instagram post from @traderjoeslist, "These were delicious. Definitely going to buy them again." Another Instagrammer noted, "The strawberry [macaron] tastes just like a strawberry shortcake😍."

Grab a box for yourself for $5.49. But note that unlike traditional macarons, this variety isn't gluten-free, much to several fans' dismay.


Raspberry Mousse Cakes

trader joe's raspberry mousse cakes

For even more fruit-flavored fun, TJ's is now selling packages of six raspberry mousse cakes for $3.99. Described by the grocer as "sweet, tart, [and] texturally sublime," the dessert features a thick layer of vanilla cake, topped with a raspberry flavored mousse, and covered in a sweet confectionary coating. For extra oomph, Trader Joe's suggests topping the mousse cakes with fresh raspberries or whipped cream or pairing them with coffee or sparkling wine.

"Can confirm. Super delicious. And I'm not even a raspberry dessert fan usually," one user wrote on a recent Trader Joe's Reddit thread. "I bought them telling myself I'll eat one a day. 1 hour after coming home they are all gone," another Redditor added.


For the Love of Chocolate Mousse Cake

trader joe's for the love of chocolate mousse cake

If chocolate mousse is more of your jam, Trader Joe's has got you covered with this dessert, priced at $4.99. Aptly named "For the Love of Chocolate Mousse Cake," this Valentine's day treat consists of a heart-shaped chocolate layer cake filled with chocolate mousse.

In a recent product review, Instagram user @mrs_traderjoes shared, "The cake to mousse ratio was perfect. I found the chocolate flavor to be rich, yet not heavy like a brick." Other social media users expressed their fondness for the cake in the post's comments section, with one user writing, "This is easily my favorite seasonal cake. My husband always makes sure to get me a few every year around Valentine's day."


Dark Chocolate Mini Heart Cookies

The list of heart-shaped sweets continues with some chocolatey, crumbly cookies, priced at $3.49. Inside this festive box are dark chocolate-covered shortbread cookies sprinkled with pink and white nonpareils.

In another product review, @mrstraderjoes said, "I found the cookie to chocolate ratio to be perfect aka the chocolate doesn't overpower the actual cookie."


Raspberry Heart Cookies

trader joe's raspberry heart cookies

For another spin on the classic shortbread cookie, TJ's has sandwiched two of them between a layer of raspberry jam. Available for $5.49 a box, the cookies have garnered plenty of positive reviews on social media.

After Instagrammer @traderjoesfoodreviews shared an overall glowing review of the product, several other users proceeded to echo a similar sentiment. "10/10 for me. No self control with these babies," one Instagrammer said. "Love them, they are freakin delicious ❤," another one added.


Gummy X's & O's

trader joe's gummy xs & os

Move over, Scandinavian Swimmers. There's another bag of gummies back in town. This fan-favorite Valentine's Day item features gummy Xs and Os that are priced at $3.49 a bag. Although the flavors aren't listed on the package, Instagram user @traderjoesreviews believes the red are a traditional berry flavor, the pink are strawberry, and the white are grapefruit.

A few days prior to this post, @traderjoeslist announced the seasonal product's return, resulting in many users flocking to the comments section with excitement. "OMG these are my guilty pleasure for sure! Delish!! 💘," one person gushed. "I look forward to these every year!" another Instagram user wrote.


Hot Cocoa Heart Melts

Planning on a cozy night at home? What better way to spend it than with a hot beverage? These marshmallow-studded, heart-shaped hot cocoa bombs are made of milk chocolate and filled with salted caramel. Drop them in a cup of milk or coffee for a sweet and salty sip.

Or, as several social media users pointed out, you can eat the $3.99 chocolates on their own. "Really good, just ate them directly out of the bag!" one person commented on an Instagram post from @traderjoesobsessed. Someone else on Reddit said, "I've already eaten a whole bag! You're supposed to melt them?! Oops… they were amazing."


Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream

trader joe's chocolate raspberry swirl ice cream

Who said ice cream is solely for warm weather? Not Trader Joe's, that's for sure. The grocer's latest flavor consists of dark chocolate ice cream with a raspberry sorbet swirl—and shoppers are quite excited.

"Chocolate and raspberry is such a great combination ❤," one user wrote on a post from @traderjoesgeek. "We can't wait to try this! 😍," another person said.


Ricotta Cuoricini Ravioli

trader joe's ricotta cuoricini ravioli

Looking to make something more savory this V-Day? Boil up these heart-shaped ravioli, and in just five to six minutes, you'll have an adorable dinner on the table. The easy meal is made with thin pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and a balsamic reduction.

"10/10 DELICIOUS," one Instagrammer raved on a post from @traderjoeslist. Snag a pack for just $3.99 and toss with olive and salt or your favorite sauce.

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