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Get Rid of Hanging Belly Fat With This Cardio & Strength Workout

Do you have hanging belly fat spilling over your pants? Holding onto excess belly flab is not only challenging to deal with on a daily basis, but it's also toxic to your overall well-being. According to UT Southwestern, too much belly fat encompasses your internal organs and heightens your risk of suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and liver issues. This is the "most dangerous kind of fat," so you should do everything you possibly can to get your midsection into shape. We're here to help with a cardio and strength workout that will help you get rid of hanging belly fat.

We chatted with Matt Morris, master trainer and programming manager, NASM-CPT at Burn Boot Camp, who tells us the benefits of performing strength and cardio exercises to battle belly fat. Morris explains that this power-couple-of-a-combo will activate all three energy systems your body utilizes when exercising. He adds, "Not only will the cardio exercises improve your cardio capacity and VO2 max, but the strength exercises will increase lean body mass while decreasing your fat mass. An overall cardio and strength routine will incorporate these exercises to get all the benefits of losing any stubborn fat."

Keep reading to learn all about this cardio and strength workout Morris put together that will help you get rid of hanging belly fat. And next, don't miss 7 At-Home Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat in 30 Days.



man sprinting

Sprinting isn't only about running at a rapid pace, according to Nike. It's crucial to have just the right technique and form. Plus, practice makes perfect!

When it comes to establishing great form, Nike says you should remain tall while taking your strides, keeping your shoulders, neck, and head aligned with both hips. Each elbow should be bent at a 90-degree angle as your arms flow from the front to the back of your body. Make sure your feet don't go too far ahead of you with each sprint.


Jump Rope

man in bright green outfit performing weighted jump rope workout

Jumping rope is a stellar source of cardio that'll enhance your strength, endurance, coordination, foot speed, and agility. It'll also help you torch major calories in just 20 minutes' time, according to Crossrope. It's also an incredibly easy exercise to perform while you're traveling—just bring your jump rope with you!


Battle Ropes

man doing battle rope hiit exercise in gym

Working with battle ropes is incredibly beneficial if you're looking to boost your overall fitness and burn body fat. According to OriGym, battle ropes help enhance your mobility, balance, stability, and coordination. This piece of workout equipment also activates various muscle groups simultaneously and helps you steer clear of a dreaded fat-loss plateau. And of course, battle ropes are a crucial part of your routine if you're looking to torch fat, shed excess pounds, and sculpt a lean physique, OriGym explains.

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Weighted Squats

man demonstrating dumbbell squat to get rid of hanging belly fat

Weighted squats will have you working with your go-to free weights, whether that's a set of dumbbells or a kettlebell. You can also perform a goblet squat with a single dumbbell, which you'll hold like a goblet. Whatever you decide to use, make sure you choose a weight where you're able to maintain correct form throughout the exercise, MasterClass explains.

If you're working with dumbbells, you'll hold one in each hand, and start out standing tall with your feet placed shoulder-width distance apart. Then, bend your knees, and descend into a squat, making sure the dumbbells don't stray from the sides of your body. Push through your feet to rise back up to standing.



mature man doing pushups to get rid of moobs

You're likely familiar with this oldie-but-goodie exercise. Pushups may seem pretty plain, but according to WebMD, when you do them just right, you'll utilize muscles throughout your entire body. As far as the health benefits go, this exercise torches calories and boosts your balance, flexibility, physical performance, and posture.

You'll begin in a high plank, with your hands lined up under your shoulders, your toes planted on the floor, and your torso straight. Then, using control, lower down toward the floor before pushing yourself back up.

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One-Arm Rows

single-arm dumbbell row mature woman

For the one-arm row (or single-arm row), you'll need to have a workout bench handy. Plant your left hand and left knee on the surface for balance, ACE Fitness instructs. You should have a dumbbell in your right hand, and your right foot should be on the floor. Keep your back flat as you row the dumbbell up toward your body and then back down.


Shoulder Press

man standing shoulder press, demonstrating workout to get rid of hanging belly fat

Last but not least, gear up for the shoulder press. This exercise will have you pressing two dumbbells above your head, according to Legion Athletics. You can do this move standing or seated, however, Legion Athletics points out that many individuals feel they can comfortably use more weight when doing seated shoulder presses.

To begin, sit on an upright workout bench. Have a dumbbell in each hand. Bring the weights up to be a bit over your shoulders, making sure your palms are facing away from your body. Press your mid and upper back into the bench. Then, press the weights up toward the sky before lowering them back down.

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