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The Fitness Habits Ashton Kutcher Lives by in His 40s

Ashton Kutcher is a talented actor, producer, all-around cool guy, and "such a goofball," as dubbed by his fellow co-star, Reese Witherspoon. Kutcher just celebrated his 45th birthday by participating in beloved traditions with his family—which included enjoying a "pancake cake" for breakfast—and is one of the leading stars in Netflix's "Your Place or Mine," alongside Witherspoon.

Amid his busy schedule and opening up about dealing with an autoimmune disease called vasculitis, Ashton Kutcher stays incredibly active and makes his physical fitness a priority. We have the exercise habits Kutcher lives by in his 40s, so keep reading to learn all about them.

Ashton Kutcher ran the New York City Marathon.

Ashton Kutcher running NYC Marathon

This one will certainly tug on your heartstrings. According to Insider, Kutcher participated in the 2022 New York City Marathon three years following the celeb being unable to walk, due to vasculitis. Kutcher revealed to Dr. David Agus in "The Checkup with Dr. David Agus" that he ran the marathon in order to see his battle with the illness as "part of the past."

"Part of it is this sort of a mental thing around achieving a full comeback from waking up in the hospital," the celeb said. "I was unable to walk, and I was like, 'Wait a second, if I can go from not being able to walk to running a marathon in a three-year span, then I can sort of just let that be part of the past and be like I'm back, I'm good.'"

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He practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Ashton Kutcher also knows how to perform Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which activates every single muscle in one's body, making for a stellar full-body workout, according to Men's Journal. The art especially targets and strengthens the core muscles and helps enhance one's flexibility. Rigan Machado, Kutcher's instructor, linked up with Men's Journal to share what Kutcher's workout looks like, which includes a warm-up, drills, and stretching.

"I'm a jiu-jitsu guy … I've been doing jiu-jitsu for eight years. I haven't gotten hurt—other than I dislocated both my big toes," the actor shared with GQ in November 2022. A month prior to training for the New York City Marathon, Kutcher "tweaked" his big toe during jiu-jitsu, so he had to put it on hold until after the marathon wrapped up. He's incredibly passionate about it, and explained to GQ, "I actually can't wait. I'm actually so excited. I have a spar scheduled for Tuesday, I'm ready to get back on the mat," he said.

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He also does yoga and Pilates.

Along with running, practicing jiu-jitsu, and crossing the New York City Marathon off his bucket list, Kutcher also got into Pilates, yoga, and lifting weights during his training regimen. The star told GQ that, following the big toe incident and putting jiu-jitsu on hold, "I started supplementing with some Pilates, which is very nice, and a little bit of yoga and a little bit of free weights, but mostly just running."

He enjoys smoothies for breakfast and fish for dinner.

Since fitness and diet go hand-in-hand, we also looked into what Kutcher loves to eat. The celeb told GQ he typically opts for a smoothie to kick off the day since he's not super into breakfast. Lunch may consist of leftovers, and fish is usually on the menu for dinner.

"I usually do a smoothie or something in the morning. I'm not big on eating breakfast. I don't like having food in my stomach all day long. And then lunch, [my wife] Mila's mom is an amazing cook, and so she makes me like, potato salad and goulash. I usually just heat up some leftovers for lunch. Dinner, my daughter is pescatarian, and so dinner is usually a piece of fish and some grain, and then like a salad, and then a nice beer or two. That's my diet," Kutcher said.

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