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7 Best Frozen Desserts at Trader Joe's Right Now

Trader Joe's is known for so many great products and when it comes to serving up dessert the popular specialty grocer doesn't disappoint. From gelato to ice cream to pies and other sweet confections, the variety in the retailer's freezer section is unmatched.

If you're throwing a dinner party, having one of these desserts on hand is a huge time saver. Why start attempting an ice box cake when you've got dessert just waiting to be served? The only skill needed in preparing most of these items is opening a box and letting the item thaw out–what could be easier? 

With spring and summer barbecues on the horizon, stocking your freezer with sweets from TJ's just makes sense. Whether you're throwing a backyard party or just hosting a group of hungry kids for the afternoon, these sweet treats are better than anything the ice cream truck can offer.

The frozen section of the store has so many gems, it's hard to decide what to choose. Thankfully, we've selected the best of the best so you'll know what to toss in your cart the next time you hit the store.

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Chocolate Lava Cakes

trader joes lava cakes

If you are hosting a dinner party, Trader Joe's individual Chocolate Lava Cakes are a dream come true. Everyone knows lava cakes are a show-stopping dessert, with a hard cakey shell that cracks open to reveal ooey gooey liquidy chocolate deliciousness. But making these babies from scratch requires a Herculean amount of effort. Not only do you need the right equipment (sorry, who really has ramekins?) but you have to time the baking just rightno loud noises lest your lava cakes come crashing down into muddy pools of half-baked chocolate.

TJ's solves all of this with its frozen version, which can be prepared in just minutes in the microwave. Filled with a creamy, chocolate ganache, your guests will think you slaved over them but your secret's safe. Bonus points for serving with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.


Portuguese Custard Tarts


trader joe's portuguese custard tarts

With a flaky crust and a creamy center, these pastries are actually imported from Portugal and will make weeknight dinners worth finishing, so you can enjoy them! Sure, you could seek out these custard tarts at a Portuguese bakery, but if you don't have the time, inclination or proximity, why not just get these from TJ's?  These delicious tarts bake up in the oven in just 20 minutes. Got an air fryer? Stick them in there for 15 minutes. If you're on your own and just craving an elevated dessert, you can even microwave a single tart for just under a minute.

TJ's recommends sprinkling them with cinnamon and pairing with a cup of strong coffee. Be forewarned, though. These are seasonal, so if you're interested make sure you snag a box before they're gone from the shelves. 


Coffee Bean Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones

Trader Joe's coffee mini cones

All true TJ's fans know the pleasure of a mini cone. The store features them in chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate chip, but there's just something special about this coffee bean variety that takes this fun dessert to a whole other level. With a kick of strong coffee bean-flavored ice cream, these little cones pack a jolt! The cones themselves are unique in that they're not plain, but chocolate sugar cones. They're also lined with the chocolatey coating that tops the ice cream.  

The only problem with these is that it's hard to stop at just one or two. If you can control yourself (we can't) they make the perfect springtime sweet little treat.


4 Cheese Pastry Rolls

Trader Joe's 4 Cheese Pastry Rolls

Breakfast will never be the same again once you've defrosted these decadent pastry rolls. Filled with yummy cream cheese, the outside is flaky, the inside is creamy and there's nothing better than pairing one with an espresso, a cup of joe, or even a mimosa. 

Pastry rolls like these are a pain to bake and require multiple steps of setting the dough the day before. Not so with TJ's pastry rolls, which can go straight from the freezer into the oven and into your belly within 30 minutes. There are four in a box so set them out at your next brunch party or keep them for yourself on any given rainy Sunday morning. 


Classic Lemon Bars

Trader Joe's Classic Lemon Bars

You could get all Martha Stewart and make these from scratch, but why squeeze lemons when TJ's already has these Classic Lemon Bars waiting for you in its freezer case? With a creamy layer of lemony goodness and a sturdy shortbread base, they are a toothsome treat that requires nothing more than defrosting them on the counter for about an hour. These lemon bars are a sophisticated treat that will bring a lot of zest to your day with little to no effort on your part. That's a citrusy win-win in our book.


Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches

Trader Joe's Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches

Who doesn't associate warm weather with the delights of a Chipwich? Thankfully Trader Joe's has its own version, which not only a great value, but also tastes amazing. These Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches hit all the right notes of a perfect ice cream sandwichcookies that are just the right amount of chewy/crispy, creamy vanilla ice cream and just the right size to gobble up on the porch or over the sink when no one's looking.

Coated in the most delicious mini chocolate chips, this dessert is a winner of epic proportions.


New York Deli Style Cheesecake

trader joes cheesecake

Why cross bridge or tunnel to eat like a real New Yorker? Trader Joe's New York Deli Style Cheesecake is so creamy, delicious and satisfying it could give NYC standard-bearer Junior's a run for the moneyand that's really saying something! You could try and make cheesecake on your own, but this one only requires thawing on the counter for one to two hours. Serve with homemade whipped cream to elevate this easy treat.

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