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6 Best Pizzas You Can Buy at Aldi Right Now

Having a frozen pizza on hand is one of life's little blessings. For nights you don't feel like cooking or you just don't have the energy to go out (or the patience to wait for the delivery guy) you can easily pop one of these in the oven. Toss a simple salad (if you're feeling ambitious) and voila, you've got a proper meal with almost no effort.

Aldi is famous for its great frozen items and when it comes to pizza, the retailer is winning big. Whether you're into thin crust, Chicago-style or those pizza rolls your mom made you after school—c'mon, we all ate 'em!—the discount chain has got you covered. Aldi even has pizza bagels which are perfect for late-night cravings, after-school snacks or to bring out when you want to make your guests happy. Just crank up the oven, heat, and serve!

And when it comes to cost, you know Aldi has your back. For a fraction of the cost of ordering a pizza out, you can still have Friday pizza night (or any day pizza night, for that matter). When faced with a plethora of pizza choices, how do you know which ones to pick? Start with the ones on this list and you can't miss.

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Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen 3 Meat or 4 Cheese Rising Crust Pizza

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen 3 Meat or 4 Cheese Rising Crust Pizza

The best part of pizza is arguably the crust, and this frozen one from Mama Cozzi's fluffs up when you bake it. Choose from savory meats with the 3 Meat variety or if extra cheesiness is your thing, go for the 4 Cheese. Either way, this pie made with 100% real cheese is a smart thing to have on hand.


Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Mini Pizza Bagels

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Mini Pizza Bagels

Pizza bagels are an old-school favorite that never goes out of style. Sure, you could buy all the ingredients to make them, but why bother when these pre-made ones are just as good? You'll get 36 mini bagels in a box and you can choose from pepperoni or combination (which has sausage and peppers). Served them for lunch or as a fun appetizer at your next party.


Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Original Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Original Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

Thick crust has its place in the world of pizza, but let's be honest–thin crust will always be classic! This frozen pie from Mama Cozzi's is made with real cheese and the crust is free of artificial preservatives. Hot tip: try putting this one on the grill for an even better taste!


Reggio's Sausage Pizza

Reggio's Sausage Pizza

If Chicago-style deep dish is your game, this frozen pie from Reggio's is the next best thing to hopping a plane to Chi-town for a meal. With its signature "butter crust," this pie is labeled as dinner size and your belly will definitely feel full after washing it down with a cold one.


Simply Nature Organic Three Cheese or Margherita Pizza

Simply Nature Organic Three Cheese or Margherita Pizza

This yummy pie offers a fresh baked taste without all the fuss of making pizza from scratch. Topped with organic pizza sauce, organic mozzarella cheese, organic cream sauce, and organic tomato slices, you can feel good about the USDA-certified organic ingredients while putting your feet up, knowing there's no mess in the kitchen to clean up from your family's pizza night experiments!

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Mamma Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Pizza Snacks Pepperoni or Combo

Mamma Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Pizza Snacks Pepperoni or Combo

When technically not pizza, these pizza snacks are a favorite of kids and adults. Made with savory pepperoni, pizza sauce and cheese wrapped in a golden crust, it's everything that's good about pizza in one yummy little bite. Each package has 90 frozen pizza snacks that are just waiting to be heated up and served to hungry mouths. For an extra treat, serve with your favorite sauce for dipping. You can't go wrong with some classic marinara!

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