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​​Blake Lively's Trainer Shares the Workout Habits She Lives by To Stay Fit

It's no secret that 35-year-old star Blake Lively is in stellar shape. The mother of four is currently working on the film It Ends With Us, which is based on the 2016 bestselling romance novel by Colleen Hoover. Lively will take the spotlight in the role of Lily Bloom, alongside Justin Baldoni who will play Ryle. Amid all of her exciting projects and beloved mom duties, Lively carves out time to work out and stay fit with celeb trainer Don Saladino, who has trained the actress for over a decade. Saladino recently revealed to E! News his "Train Like Blake" program, along with the workout and diet must-dos to boost your wellness game this summer and beyond.

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Blake Lively's trainer encourages people to consume more food and not stress about the scale.

weight scale measure concept

Saladino doesn't believe in eliminating the foods you love most or trying to achieve unattainable goals at the gym. He explained to E! News, "We're never doing anything unhealthy." His clients don't follow "no-to-low-carb" or completely deprive themselves of calories. He added, "The reality is if any person came to me right now and I told them, 'You could be 10 pounds heavier but take your clothes off and look exactly how you want to look naked, would you take it?' They would have a tough time answering that question."

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Blake Lively swears by Saladino's fitness routine.

Blake Lively

If you're curious about how Blake Lively trains, Saladino spilled the piping hot tea. His "Train Like Blake" program spans six weeks and was curated with the goals of torching fat and sculpting lean muscle in mind. It also focuses on quality of movement, which is crucial for this mom of four to "restore the way she feels" and help her get a much-needed energy boost, Saladino noted. Lively followed this routine when gearing up for her roles in The Age of Adaline, The Shallows, The Rhythm Section, and Savages.

The best part? This regimen doesn't require any crazy diet or lifestyle eliminations. This is a program Lively swears by, along with other celebs Saladino trains like Emily Blunt, Cindy Crawford, and Anne Hathaway.

"These women understand the importance of being strong," Saladino told E! News, adding, "and they understand the importance of getting in enough energy. They don't starve themselves. If every woman came to me and they said, 'I want to put on muscle,' that would probably allow me to get everyone to their goal. That's what I've been doing with thousands of people now, teaching them, 'Let's try and put on muscle, you won't look muscular, but you'll have that lean, athletic body that you want.'"

Lively is quoted on Saladino's website saying, "Turns out you can't lose the 61 pounds you gained during pregnancy by scrolling through Instagram & wondering why you don't look like all the bikini models. Thanks Don Saladino for kicking my A double S into shape. Feeling very proud."

Don Saladino's fitness and diet tips will have you ready for beach season.

If you're trying to get fit for summer, look no further than Saladino's tips that'll set you up for beach body success.

First off, it's important to get your body moving without going super intense. This is a key aspect of training Saladino has instilled in Lively since the beginning. He explained to E! News, "Let's just move, let's just do something, let's just see how we feel. And then good things happen out of that. The goal should be leave there better than you felt before you came in. If you could be into this and you can have that attitude, you're going to be in a great place."

Next up, don't aim for perfection on the daily. For instance, if you wake up completely exhausted one day, don't feel like you have to crush it at the gym—focus on raking up your steps instead, Saladino offered.

And lastly, maintain a positive outlook, and enjoy your routine, just like Lively. "Blake's really done a great job in coming into the gym with a great attitude and moving and having fun. Like any other human being, sometimes you want to be there and sometimes you don't. I think accepting that makes it very real and that's something that people like to hear because they understand that someone isn't always perfect and always nailing it," Saladino said.

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