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10 Fastest-Growing Chain Restaurants In America Right Now

Throughout the pandemic, restaurant chains have taken massive hits to their businesses. From dramatic drops in sales to store closings and bankruptcy filings , chains that once turned a good profit began vanishing. For others, take-out, no-contact delivery, and curbside pickup alternatives soon became a lifeline, allowing them to continue bringing quality and delicious food to hungry customers. The following is a list of ten restaurant chains that saw the most impressive popularity boost and systemwide growth in 2020 . These players are currently best-positioned to continue their rise this year and beyond. For more, check out 5 Fast-Food Chains Falling Out of Favor With Customers . 10 Sonic Drive-In "Service With the Speed of Sound" is the perfect slogan for a chain characterized by a drive-in dining experience with servers on roller skates. Sonic has been around for a while now (68 years to be exact) but has made some major upgrades to its technologies and the d