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10 Secrets Hooters Doesn't Want You To Know

For most, Hooters is a nostalgic relic of the '80. And even though the chain has trouble drawing in a younger audience these days, it keeps us intrigued with a plethora of operational secrets and employee handbook shockers. Here are some of the most fascinating tricks of the trade that Hooters would rather keep on the down-low. For more, check out why Hooters waitresses hate their new uniforms. 1 The servers have to sign a (tr)icky contract We all know the basic premise of Hooters—patrons frequent the place for the atmosphere and "entertainment" as much as they do for the wings. And while no one expects Hooters to be the juggernaut for women's rights, one part of the contract that Hooters restaurant employees have to sign is particularly . . . well, icky. According to a former employee , while sexual harassment is to be reported, management expects the waitresses to tolerate a certain amount of sexual innuendo. It's even in the contract that new hires h