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11 Best Breakfasts Olympic Athletes Eat to Stay Fit

Professional athletes are known to consume thousands of calories in order to fuel their workouts, especially leading up to a major competition like the Olympics. While many events are endurance-based, pretty much all sports require enough fuel for intensity, even if it's only for short bouts. Like most physically active individuals, a majority of Olympians eat a pretty healthy diet , but of course, not all of them fall under this training method. Swimmer Michael Phelps made headlines in 2008 when it was reported he relied on a 12,000 calorie diet of chocolate chip pancakes , French toast, and egg sandwiches to start his day. RELATED:  The Worst Breakfast Habits for Your Waistline, Say Dietitians Nutritional density aside, most athletes have a balanced breakfast of fat, protein, and carbs to get them going in the morning, not to mention aid in muscle recovery. Whether you're training for a sporting event or just want to get into shape (or are just curious what other people