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12 Instant Ways Pesto Makes Any Recipe More Delicious

Pesto is one of the most versatile sauces in the kitchen. As Chef Claudia Sidoti, a member of our expert advisory board, says in her article Secrets for Making the Best Pesto Ever , "Pesto elevates almost any dish and a little bit can go a long way." The fact that you need such a small amount of flavor-packed pesto is key because it is a higher calorie sauce with upwards of 120 calories in just two tablespoons. However, when made right it contains fresh, vitamin-packed herbs, like basil , and healthy extra virgin olive oil as its main ingredients. Plus, if you have a food processor, it is super easy to make and it freezes incredibly well. Sidoti's pro tip is to divide the sauce into ice cube trays and freeze, and then use one to two cubes as desired per recipe. Also, there's no need to thaw pesto if you are adding it to a hot dish, says Sidoti. While she usually makes pesto, she recommends Colavita as a good brand if you are short on time. We also have an article